Threatened to be hacked

I got threatened to be hacked like 40 or so mins ago, is there anyone specific I should talk to about this like reporting or something, I already filed a complaint, is that all I can do?

I'm paranoid about these things as I have worked hard on my GT and its content. thanks.


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Me too.. and I think that xbox Microsft needs to start kicking people off and banning them for life!!! I am trying to find a thread to turn someone in now.

This kid isnt gonna hack you guys dont worry they just say that ***

File a complaint via console, block communication and move on.

Hey Guys! Thanks for Posting here :) On Xbox LIVE, It is Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to be hacked unless you Give out sensitive Account Information like:

  • Windows LIVE Identification (E-mail Adress)
  • Password
  • Name
  • etc.

I would suggest reading this addition to regarding the In's and out's of Accounts on Xbox LIVE. :) Here:

Please reply to this thread with any additional questions regarding this topic :)

(Be sure to file a complaint, Mute, and Block Communications)


Cheers! -G; "The Agent E" - Xbox LIVE Ambassador


I've been threatened like that before. Most notably during the GOW1 days but nothing ever happened. So long as you secure your account well (Great password, and secure email, etc) and never give that out to someone else you should be fine. If someone knows an employee you can contact, that could better bring the issue to light, but if you send the right complaint I hear they have some ability to figure out what message your complaint is referring to.

How did Nelson get hacked then? Hmm?

[quote user="iTz AaRoN xDDv2"]

How did Nelson get hacked then? Hmm?


Old Topic but anyways, the guy who "hacked" him (very loose term) simply watched Major Nelson Sign in while on a PC at a PAX Event.