Threatened on Xbox Live

Me and some friends were playing Borderlands 2 when another player that goes by the gamertag  [Mod Removed] joined our game. He began to act like every other jerk on Xbox Live and began to use vulgar language, for lack of using the words bluntly. He would not co-operate so needless to say I kicked him, he continued to join time after time. After about the 5th tie kicking him he sent me a message saying this: 

[Mod Removed]  kick me one more time and ill kick ur *** out of host spot maybe even steal your account.   

I replied lol  

This seemed to [Mod Removed] him off more and he continued to send threatening messages. This is absurd and uncalled for. If Microsoft has a way to read my messages than please go do that! This is ridiculous and uncalled for. Please take action. I filed a complaint through my x-box also. 

Now, with all of that being said I have NEVER reported anyone and I trash talk with the best of them. Definitely on Black Ops 2 lol But I feel that this guy or girl took it a bit to far.  


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As a Ambassador you should know that naming and shaming on the forum is against the rules and that no-one who can deal with your issue would see the post anyway.


Simply report and block the player on your console

[quote user="DaR3 20"] This is absurd and uncalled for. If Microsoft has a way to read my messages than please go do that! [/quote]

No.  Because you're not allowed to name and shame on these forums.

[quote] I filed a complaint through my x-box also. [/quote]

If you did that, you don't also post here.  The complaint needs to be investigated before action can be taken, so you shouldn't expect instead gratification.  

If you want to stop this person harassing you, then you only need to "Block Communications".  They can not send any messages to you when they are blocked.  And don't ever reply to them.  If you reply, it will remove the block.

Basically, what Zen just wrote.

DaR3 20 you are always going to find people like no matter what, best thing is to walk away, you could always set your BL2 game to invite only.

Cowards fine it very easy to hide behind the digital mask, but its up to people like us to behave differently and respectfully so more and more people find safer places to enjoy gaming.

come the Xbox One they will become victims of their own actions.

I am a brand NEW ambassador. Its ridiculous how I was the one getting attacked on here after trying to seek help for a threat made to ME!? Bravo..Thanks for your positive feedback on the matter! I'm still learning ambassador rules. The above comments before Bravo were uncalled for. As I'm sure you will have more negative feedback, I am ignoring further posts. Thanks the matter WAS resolved!

Someone is having a bad day.  Yeah it's me.  But I think the op is as well.   :o

[quote user="DaR3 20"]I am a brand NEW ambassador.[/quote]Then perhaps your first posts should have been for help to familiarise yourself with the rules of the forum.

Ignorance is no excuse and instead you go on the attack rather of apologising for your error.

Read the threads on this board to learn the rules of the forum

What is absurd and uncalled for is the fact you just didn't block the kid and move on.  Plus you could have always made the game a private session just with you friends.