Threatened Hack For 3 Different Accounts

[Gt Removed] and [Gt Removed] have threatened to hack three accounts, mine, my brother's and my cousins. They say they are in possession of a "J-tag" which they says can breach an account's security. They were also very rude to all three of us, calling us rude names and saying that I myself should go and **** in my own closet.


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Block communications Report and move on

[quote user="xHuff Daddy96x"]They were also very rude to all three of us[/quote]File a complaint via the console and block communication.


There is no out-of-band reporting system for XBOX Live. You cannot call Support. You cannot post on the Forums. All reports must be done via the console.


Naming and shaming is against the forum Code of Conduct.

Dude relax just because they say they can hack your account does not mean they can actually do it just ignore idiots like these

I've never understood why gamers are so afraid of cyber bullies. I would love too see you people in real life situations involving these same "bullies".

Block. Report. Change communication to friends only.

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[/quote]Be aware of timestamps on threads; this was made in November last year.