THQ developers under resourced by old leadership.

THQ's Jason Rubin said he wants to give his team of designers and developers the resources they need to make titles like Saints Row: The Third on the same playing field as Red Dead Redemption.

Rubin spoke to Gamasutra at E3 for an extensive interview about the plans and changes he has floating around his skull to save the fledgling publisher, the chief of which is changing the company's approach to the development process.

"The atmosphere under which they have been making games is not nearly as conducive as Sony, to put it mildly. They've had a hard time."

Rubin said he sees a lot of potential in the company's designers and developers but they have to have enough to work with, something THQ has been unwilling or weary to do in the past since a large portion of their funding have only come from a select few titles and franchises. He believes THQ can turn a title into the next Red Dead Redemption, as he put it, because developers with Rockstar "had enough money to do visuals, gameplay and story. In Saints Row, they had to pick a subset of that, but I think that team has the capability to do everything."

He also sees a lot of potential in not thinking as laterally as THQ once has in terms of competing just for core gamers. The buzz around titles at E3 like South Park: The Stick of Truth over old favorites like the new Halo after Monday's Microsoft press conference show that their audiences are always ready for something new instead of the same old, same old and can compete just as well by developing new audiences while taking risks on more unique games.

"At the end of the day, my experience with developers is… the most important thing is to make great titles. If they know they're going to be able to, they believe, and I believe those titles will find an audience one way or another."

I think taking risks with new idea's is the only way forward for some development companies. Too many AAA titles are becoming rinse and repeats that there is becoming a lack of new ideas, stories and games


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