THQ Assets To Be Sold On 22nd Janaury

Well guess thats goodbye to THQ then unfortunately! LINK

As reported EA are interested in some of THQ's assets which I hope whatever it is there interested in, they don't get! Same goes for Activision!

As long as EA and Activision don't get South Park & Saints Row then I'll be happy!


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As long as EA and Activision don't get South Park & Saints Row then I'll be happy!


Honestly, I'd be shocked if one of them 2 don't get it, they've got the money and Saints Row is a big seller so I think they will, same for the WWE games I think they're THQ games. I'm interested in what happens to games like Darksiders, not a massive seller but it has it's fans and I'm currently enjoying the second, although it has gone on for too long, just want it too end now.

Thank god they are no more. With the wwe games I hated how they kept changing the buttons and game play.

Saw this coming the moment THQ lost the UFC license to EA, they are ripe right now to sell off their IPs and with the company out of money, it will be a case of going to the highest bidder, no doubt it will be EA


Would like to see the Darksiders series continue, DS2 paid the price for THQ rushing to get it published, with a much bigger publisher hopefully the right amount of time can be invested in it

I am going to miss THQ and the games they published, I really enjoyed the Saints Row series along with Red Faction Guerrilla.

You know I'd be fine with EA getting some of THQs stuff I mean at least with EA you know what you're getting and people forget EA don't have that bad a track record as a publisher. I mean Valve and Double Fine have both used them and Double Fine's they actually changed from Activision to EA and then had to go to court with Activision trying to sue them.

Would be interesting if Microsoft swooped in and picked up some brands like Metro to add to their (rather non-existant) list of exclusive games.

Just goes to show no one is untouchable.