Thoughts on Zoo Tycoon?

I know there is currently a demo out for it but I don't have enough time right now to download it and test it out. Anyways, what are your thoughts on the game so far?

I asked for this game for Christmas and I'm pretty excited about it as I love Sim Theme Park type games.


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The demo is very meh... I was interested till I played the demo.

From what I seen Its ok but not worth 60$ more like 20$

That is more accurate.  I would pay $20 for it, $25 tops.

see I like sim games too but that's not nothing special. Just wait for a price drop. Save your money and buy BF4 foza 5, or one of them  Kuruczpa

Do NOT buy BF4... its a broken mess right now.  That game needs a few more months to cook before its ready.

Yea EA and there rushing people to get out in time so they can beat COD. EA needs to stop rushing there thing. BUT is a great game when it works. I think we can agree with that.

Yea, the game is sweet.  It just has the unfortunate caveat "when it works."

Terrible game....honestly they should have made a sequel to Kinectimals if anything.

It's not that bad, especially if you have kids.

I have kids and its too difficult for them and too boring for me. Kinectimals had my entire family entertained. Zoo Tycoon is a hot mess.