Thoughts on ReCore?

When ReCore was shown at the E3 Presentation, I was pretty excited to see it, it looks like a really awesome game to play!

What's everyone elses' thoughts on it?


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Whilst I would support, and buy a 'handheld Xbox', I don't think it is at all needed. HoloLens could eventually become the new form of console, a non-handheld, portable version.

I see that it could work like this:

- The HoloLens signs into your Xbox Profile

- Then it connects to Xbox's servers and syncs to your registered console

- Then you can play any game, wherever you want, from your HoloLens

So, you could be on a walk, and decide "I want to paly Minecraft here" and away you go.

Of course, this would be much further down the line, but the technology to do this is there, to some degree. All we need is better wireless conenctions (4G is an option here) to support the bandwidth requirements at any point in the world.

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True, I see that more everyday. The Wii console was a poor design. If it had been more like a console it would be more informal than anything. It would be crazy to see Pokemon come to Xbox if it ever does since Game Freak is no longer going to make them games for Nintendo. If Xbox were to ever come out with a Handled it would have to blow away the compattions. I think with Micrsoft's Hololens that is the future right there. I think they have all see Sword Art Online and was like we should try to make out games like that.

Overall Recore has a great atmosphere to see it grow in Xbox. That E3 trailer was sad but also awesome at the same time. I felt really connected to game characters and seeing how the story will play out will be another awesome sight.

I think we could possibly see more Nintendo developers moving over. Let's be honest, the Wii brand is dying slowly, unless they quickly find something to bring it back to life, which is unlikely.

-TheJackah; Xbox & Windows Insider. Xbox Ambassador. Web Developer & Designer.

I loved it, want to see more. I loved the Metriod Prime games on the Gamecube, glade to see one of the Nintendo makers move to Xbox One.