This was promised?

Believe me, I want DLNA Play-From functionality as much as anybody.  I unhooked my PS3 to hook up the XBox One, only to have to eventually hook it back up so I could stream my movies off my Home Server.  (I have a toddler who has psychosis-level obsession with Disney's Cars & Planes, and I really don't want to have to load the discs)

But this was actually PROMISED at launch?  I know DLNA compliance was promised, but haven't they technically fulfilled that promise with Play-To?  I downloaded the Skifta app, and yes, it works impressively.  But another device in the chain just seems inefficient.

I guess my question is...  Is there any kind of comment from the XBox Team to indicate this will be offered as a future app?  (Again, I want this BAD.  The expectation of support was the sole reason for choose to switch to the XBox.)


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if people want it someone will make an app for it to either make a name for themselves (as a free app) or make money (as a paid app). i would give it a few months and you wills tart to see lots of apps. while 1m consoles is a lot of consoles, its not a lot of users for an app developer. i think around the 5m mark you will start seeing app development really pick up.

Apps and indie games should start showing up next year. They haven't had a lot of time to mess with the development kit yet.