This Person Been Stalking and Harassing Me For Almost A Week

Hello, this is my first time posting on this site. I don't post on forums much at all, only when I need help really badly do I post.

I was sent here by support over the phone and they told me to post the person's GT and what i'm having problems with, tbh I don't feel quite comfortable with that as most likely this person's friends will get me suspended again.

But first let me explain the issue me and my friends been having for the past few days.

This individual has been stalking and harassing me and my friends for almost a week now. Now let me explain why I got suspended the first time. This isn't the first time this individual has did this to me or my friends.

The reason I got suspended the first time is because I didn't handle the situation properly, I lost my temper and started cursing the individual out. Now in hindsight I could have handled the situation a little better by muting and blocking communications. But I didn't and the individual filed complaints on me and got me suspended. This was about 2-3 months ago, now this individual is doing the same thing again, stalking, harassing, and threatening to get me and my friends banned from XBL. 

Another little fact is that this individual singles me out by trying to make me look bad by past actions, and now my friends are starting to turn on me. (NOTE: I've had these friends for 4 years so I would do anything to stop this from happening.)

So, finally to the point...

What do I do to stop all this drama, and prevent my friends from turning on me.

Please help, Thank you.


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Go to that guys link. It will tell you the right way to report this. And it's good that you didn't mention the guys name. We don't name the shame on the forums. Even if the support told you to. So yeah. just follow Gonzalves link and become enlightened. Pretty much I'm guessing it's going to tell you to just file a complaint on him/her and how to.

Just do what you said you should have done and mute/block communications, set privacy settings to friends only to stop this individual and his friends doing this further.  They are only doing it to get a bite and since you have taken the bait once before they are trying again.  Once they figure out you aren't playing their game they will eventually get tired and move on.


As for your friends, try talking to them about it and explaining to them about the situation.  If they can't understand and continue turning on you, then maybe they aren't the right friends that you thought they were.

Never name and shame others on the forums. Phone support doesn't seem to handle situations like these very well. To report someone, refer to this guide and make sure you have properly set Privacy Settings.