This new terms of service is making it impossible to use my other account...

When i got on one afternoon i discovered that there was a new terms of service for me to sigh. no problem right? wrong this account is for some reason considered a child, children cant sigh terms of service. i thought, oh! i can just log into the parent but sure enough i had forgotted the password. i tried forget password but i couldent remember my yahoo account password for the account too! this old account didnt have the phone forgot password option. so now i am totally locked out of that account and cannot use it at all. does anyone have a idea? any thoughts might help :D


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Saw this on my friends Xbox one.  Had to enable parental block/filter, then restart, then go back and remove it to stop the block on agreeing to the agreement terms.  

Probably not a good idea to get this persons troll account going