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Dear Microsoft,

I'm now going on my fourth power brick in order to get my Xbox one to even turn on. I have it plugged into a wall outlet because I've been told it makes the system/brick run properly. However, that doesn't seem to help whatsoever.  If this was the first time it happened, and if this was the only problem I've had with this console I may be a bit more understanding, but it is not.  Aside from the fact my console won't turn on anymore, I've had other countless, frustrating problems. For instance, my Xbox will not read any disc without me having to take the disc out and put it back in ten to fifteen times, and even then it's not guaranteed to work. I've given up on buying discs just to avoid further frustration and now download games onto my hard drive, which is now full.  My kinect decides to work only half the time, and my headset broke after a couple of months of use. I take good care of my things, especially when I spend $500 on an item. So my question to you Microsoft is how can you put out a faulty, unfinished product and expect your consumer to not be upset, and to continue to purchase your products?  My Xbox one has been nothing but problems and is really making me consider switching back to Sony unless something gets done.  I loved my 360 and I want to enjoy my one, but it is very difficult when there are countless issues with the product. 


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I feel  your pain. My mic broke out of Narnia one day. It was perfectly fine before and one day it just decided to stop working. My Kinect also only worked half the time so I got it replaced by Microsoft for free. I also had 2 controllers go bad. (One terrible LB and the other right stick was slow) What you should do is call Xbox support and tell them your situation. They were really helpful with me and I can say that was some of the best dang customer service.

I called them last night and they were no help. The guy actually told me I should swap my broken power brick with my roommates working brick, and then proceeded to laugh. That's the only reason I wrote this, due to the fact Xbox support was absolutely no help and I was frustrated with the way they treated the situation.

To me I would get your house wiring checked no way would you get through 4 Power supply's

seen this happen before with PC build's kept blowing PSU at customers address after 2 brand new build PC Blew PSU's (but that was instantly)  these systems where test at the work shop before we delivered and installed so known to be good, in the end we would no longer install a System there until the owner Had House wiring checked and verified a short in the socket ... funny thing is our company still took the loss of 2 fried PC's ...

@Stan I would use a UPS or a voltage regulator. I have used a UPS for all my consoles and have yet to have a single problem.

The free headset I wouldn't expect them to last very long, most people only use them until they purchase something better.

The drive problem is usually dust build up on the roller that pulls the disk in. Keep dust off you disk and it won't happen.

yea an half decent UPS system would help make sure he has a clean supply, the only reason I could think to why he's blowing so many PSU's would be surges from things turning on and off in his house hold like fridges/ freezers/ air-con/ those type of things or Supply surges at certain times of the day when demand is all of a sudden higher.

If it was PSU it would indicate An Batch issue if they all came from same batch of production something I doubt though.

I always unplug the power cord and internet from XBOX1.  Dont need it zapped from storms. Lost a nice desktop from a thunder storm.  Even had a surge protector.  Then called insurance company and they wanted me to flip a $500 deductible toward the new desktop and they pay another $500.  I said my desktop was more then that.  Also I was broke at the time.  So yeah I went without for a while.  Luckily 360 eventually got internet explorer right after that on 360.  This was quite a few years back.

you should never plug expensive electronics directly into a wall outlet, at minimum it needs to go through an actual surge protector or a UPS.

i'd believe 1 or 2 power supplies, but 4? i have a hard time believing that it's not something on your end causing them to blow out.

I have this problem with customers at work with reptile bulbs. "Your bulbs are rubbish. Only last a day" have you used a surge protector or checked the wiring? "No................Its a really old house though".

Problem solved.

Be careful what you use with the Xbox One though. The PSU has a built in surge protector and its not recommended to use another between the wall and the console.

well spotted learn something new everyday lol

Solution 6: Plug your power supply directly into a wall outlet

Your Xbox One power supply is equipped with internal surge protection. Plug the power supply directly into a wall outlet. Some surge protectors can cause the power supply to not work as designed. This can affect performance.

As everyone's now rapidly unplugging their consoles from their surge protectors ... lol

thanks for pointing that out fella

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