This is criminal.

It seems over the years microsoft has been taking away more and more from it's community. Now I can't even send a message through because I have a silver account? It's a text message! I don't even know if I will buy another xbox. I don't like ps3 either but I do like the freedom they have on their system. I remember the days when you were able to say whatever you wanted in your bio and now you get banned for saying basically anything on the border of being bad. Xbox live is a rip off and should be 5 dollars a month at most or better yet. Free!


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You get what you pay for or lack of.

My gold is due to run out next month and Im not renewing as I dont even play online games, but when I revert to silver I will be missing out on accessing Sky on my 360.  All apps should be available to silver accounts also.  MS should focus on making Gold for online gaming and less on making it a requirement for various apps.

Well, too late for for gamers like us who are already vested in the 360. Next the MS console, however....

I'm sorry you're frustrated, but there are a couple of things I'm going to throw my two cents on before I lock this:

You've always needed a gold membership to send messages on, and the reasoning is pretty simple. It's to prevent spam. It would be pretty easy to just create a silver dummy account and spam messages to people if the system wasn't set up the way it is now, wouldn't it?

Secondly, nobody is banning you for saying negative things. Everyone has opinions and that's perfectly fine. You get banned from Xbox LIVE if you break their Code of Conduct or Terms of Use which you agreed to when signing up for the service, it's fairly simple. I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread, because these discussions about Xbox LIVE being free come up quite often and always end bad. Thanks for understanding.