This guy is Legit.

Just watch what this guy gets a message from 'Xbox modirator'

I don't want to spoil it



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Great show off spelling by all!

I love Techno Kitten Adventure!

Oh and the moderator thing was funny I guess.

yawn....chances are he made the account and sent the message to himself just so he could go all "proZ" in a youtube vid

hahaha @cockney charmer , i wouldnt be suprised.

I remember sending the sameish message to someone and them accaully saying the password is wrong can you make sure you did it right lols

'Xbox modiator' ha ha... idiot

Mute button makes the annoying music go away.

So that's what a mute button does.

Good to know.

You're just as bad trying to show off this pathetic video