I just read online that microsoft and turtle beach are pushing the gaming headsets to early 2014. I thought these should be released in tandem with the XBOX ONE. We the consumers should not have to be waiting an extra few months to have gaming headsets espercially after paying good money thinking we would be getting them whe the xbox one was released. I personally hate the mics you get with the xbox its self very uncomfortable, you have a hard time hearing your friends, and also i like to feel more immersed in my game when i have the surround sound headphones on. It doesnt make sense that we will be having to use our tv as our sound system. Im just saying his is going to really mad a lot of the gaming community off that they can'y use a gaming headset at launch. This is how i feel. And i personally do think turtle beach and microsoft need to re consider what they are doing. Even if i can talk with the turtle beach XO SEVEN, i really would like to be able to use the surround sound headset to just listen to my games etc.... Its a better experience


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it has been a rumor but i think they are making a connector that works with the current stuff that we have. think its coming out next year as well. And again its a rumor not fact. haven't seen anything surface for a while about it

in life everything doesnt work as planned, i am sure MS and other companies are doing their best to make great gaming headsets so they can get our hard earned money as fast as they can.

I have the Turtle Beach X1 headphones. They have the really long cable. They still sound good, but I don't think the adapter will work for them. I was looking forward to getting a new set at launch.


the thing I've been hearing is that the adaptor is a wired 1, so I somehow doubt there's going to be an easy solution for me and my WarHead headsdet.  The thing that'll tick me off is yeah, I like to hear my game audio, but I won't really be able to hear my own voice, like when I mute (and still get my voice audio) seeings how the majority of people don't seem to talk much.  Thing that bafflesme is I know i've discussed this before, and yet it seems an adptor is possioble for wired headsets, just no mic adaptor for wireless headsets.  I baffles me, really because what I still understand is how people can say yeah the headset audio will work, but yet the mic plugs into the headset but because of the different protocol it won't and can't even be adapted or whatever, it just makes no sense.  I mean couldn't they just maybe make a wireless mic adaptor that obviously, connects to XBox One's new protocol wirelessly, but at the same time allows you to plug the mic back (likea wired/bridged between the mic and headset with a headset to mic port and mic to headset jack) into the headset with its normal mute/unmute functionality?  Hell knows we're going to have wireless headsets at some point, anyway.