Thinking of getting a Plasma

I'm looking at two tvs right now. An RCA 55" LED with 120hz for $549. And a Samsung 51" Plasma with 600hz for $649. And maybe a 60" Samsung Plasma up to $899. I haven't noticed a difference in the store but wanted to hear from someone who has had both. Does the 600hz make a difference, like I said I couldn't see it in the store.


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Here's a good article explaining what you're asking about,

The simple answer is both have to do with the refresh rate of the TV, the higher the refresh rate of an LED or LCD the less motion blur you'll expereince (like a football being blurry when its thrown). Because of their design plasma's don't create motion blur and the 600hz is essentially just a marketing term to make the TV's sound more desirable. Any of the TV's should be more than acceptable for gaming if that's what you're worried about.  

You used the example of a football being thrown. Is there a noticeable difference in a shooting game like battlefield or halo?

So here's a good comparison from my experience. I have a 50 inch Panasonic plasma and don't have any problems with refresh rate. My mother in law has a Sharp 55 inch LED that shows colors nicely, but can't produce blacks worth a flip. Also, I've noticed motion blur on her's on channels that have stuff scrolling across the bottom and I believe her's is 120hz.

So my opinion is get a plasma. They don't have a problem with burn in anymore and they last just as long as LEDs.

There shouldn't be. I've currently got a 55" Phillips LED that's only running at a 60hz refresh rate and I've never had a problem or noticed any sort of motion blur playing any of the popular shooters, be it Call of Duty, Halo, or Battlefield.

Here's another article that could be very beneficial to helping you make a decision.

It gives a good and straightforward breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each type. I personally think LED is the way to go, especially since the prices are starting to seriously drop since the introduction of 4K TVs.

I recommend looking the two models up on Lag input database if you are worried about shooters.  I have a 51" samsung plasma.  I love it.  You can't beat it for the price.

Sadly, Panasonic has stopped making plasmas as they were losing money on them. I agree with Dukes that the Samsung plasma is the way to go.

The refresh rate shouldn't make a difference for games since you should turn off all the post processing stuff that will actually make use of the high refresh rate. Sometimes even though a TV it says 120Hz or 600Hz if you connect it to a PC that can output say 120Hz  most of the time it will only let you display at 60Hz. A lot of the time anything higher than 60Hz is used internally for post processing effects or for 3D capability. Look up soap opera effect and that is where the ability to display extra frames helps especially for watching sports. Xbox One is set to natively output at 60Hz.

Plasma displays are on the way out even though they often provide incredible picture quality especially when it comes to contrast. Really deep blacks that even LED array LCD displays have a hard time matching. This is where options like 0-255 reference, Super White, and other picture settings actually get used if the display supports them. Viewing angles are really great as well. Really only downsides to them are weight, thickness, and power consumption. Even then they aren't that bad when you need space for video connectors anyway and the game console is going to consume more power than the TV ever will. Minor annoyance is most are glass which is fine if you can place it where sunlight, lights, and lamps won't cause glare.

I would go with the Samsung Plasma and buy a Blu-Ray calibration disc or find one with the THX calibration included and also use the Ones built in calibration. Adjusting a TV to the input and making sure the source is setup for any options the display supports really goes a long way these days.

I ordered the 60" plasma. Everywhere I looked they say plasma is better. Less motion blur and deeper, natural color. Not that an LED doesn't look good, I've been using a sony for the last 5 years. I think what really turned me on was the deep natural black that a plasma can do. I've been frustrated with washed out blacks for the last couple years and the constant dimming for dark scenes. I get the new tv on Wednesday, I will let u know what I think.

Congrats on the TV. Good choice to go with the plasma. Even though they are a bit heavier and have a glass screen, I think if you play in a dimly lit room anyway, there's no better choice than a plasma.

Get the plasma.  Not only is Samsung a better brand, but plasma is better for fast action.  I have had 3 plasma tv's since 2005 and have never had one problem with them.  Plasma got a bad name in the beginning for ,"burn in" but that was fixed long ago.  If you read any reviews from reputable sources, plasma always comes up on top for best life like picture.

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