Thinking of buying Xbox 360

I am thinking of getting Xbox 360 but not sure if its too late in its cycle to get one or is it still a great gaming machine despite its age?  Was looking at the 4GB and upgrading HDD later but just need to know a couple of things first.

How long does it take to install games - Disk based and Demo - I have a PS3 Super Slim and it takes 15mins just to install a demo, fed up with it so need a change, also is it mandatory installs like the PS3, appreciate any help on this.


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The box 360 is a great platform.  Downloads are much faster than PS3, you just can not be in a online game or the download will stop.  I would say demos take 5 minutes on average.  Updates to current games take usally less than a minute.  Hope this helps .  

Rumours say that the next generation console is coming out this year, but of course... it's just rumours. At this point I'd be kind of hesitant really though. If there is a particular game that tempts you though, perhaps go for it?

Even though there is probably a new console releasing this year, its still going to take a year or two after launch to see the really good games since developers are not going to want to waste 20+ million dollars on making AAA games that will only end up selling 500k to 2M copies. The best games will not come until there is a userbase to sell to except for maybe some advanced PC ports. You can expect to see the major console games stay on the 360 platform for a couple years after the 720 release. While they might make it to the 720 as well, they will only be updated 360 ports. Activision breaks sales records every year with Call of Duty. You can't expect them to stop and lose money just to sell next gen games to early adopters. And if you plan to play online, I would advise against the 4GB console. The hard drive by itself is pretty expensive as an add on.

Hi :)

I have had an Xbox since the old black style. Just after the 360 came out I admit I bought a PS3 . This did not last long, as I missed playing with all the friends I had made on Xbox live. The Xbox 360 is in my opinion the best console on the market full stop. I have been a member of Xbox Live for over 8 years now and will never go back to the PS3.

Not saying I'm a fanboy of Xbox ..just that it's a better all round console with more apps, games and everything in between. I often go to my friends house to play Fifa. Oh my god the PS3 takes an age just to load a game, by this time you could have easy played a good half a match on Xbox.

Also go for the 250gig Unit. You may think yeah 4 gig will do me it won't :) and you will be going out to buy a bigger HDD within weeks, which in the long run will be more expensive.

Go on buy one :)

While I really like my Xbox, I really don't see exactly how it has more games. The only exclusives we have even had since 2010 has been Halo, Forza and Gears of War.

But when you add into this all the community games ;) and Kinect games

By that you mean Indie games that consist of things like launching a baby into objects or simulated dating? While there is a market for this kind of simple stuff, when it comes to real games, they have been killing us for a few years now. Now of course as a new 360 gamer, you do have a back library to enjoy however when it comes down to new retail games or even bigger digital games, we are seriously falling behind.

And then you have apps such as Sky Tv in the UK  which is not on the ps3 the online service provided by Microsoft is way better than Sony's

Better online community

-More people have mics

-Much more user friendly

-Reasonably fast downloads

-Free apps

-Great controller design


And the party function on xbox also. I don't think you can do this with ps3 or play music while games

The list is endless :)

This year I think is going to be a big one for Microsoft concerning games. But as I do not own a ps3 anymore its hard to comment if we are falling behind on the game front

Free apps? Which ones can you use that are not locked behind the subscription? You say better community. Appears you have not been in one of the countless threads on how everybody has to hide behind private parties because the community is so disgusting and racist. Sure more people have mics on the 360 however so many are people you never want to talk to in the first place. Can't say I've really been called the N word on the Playstation service. The slower downloads over there are also only a wifi issue. While Xbox does have better wifi, wired is more stable no matter what console you have.

But why don't you get into some of the cons for a second because believe me. They exist on all consoles such as no map pack is allowed to be above 2GB and no game above 2 GB is allowed to be priced below 20.00. We have lost games and content for both these reasons. Or how devs like Epic and Valve cannot distribute their DLC free as intended because Microsoft forces them to charge even if that includes a 45.00 weapon skin pack thats already locked on your game disc. Not to mention arcade games and content cannot be bought at face value meaning to get a map pack for Left 4 Dead or Alan Wake, you have to buy a substantial amount of points in a pack without the ability to spend your change on your next purchase. This means you have to spend 800 points on a 560 point pack without the ability to use the remaining 240 points towards your next 800 or 1200 point game. It sits there forever unless you want to waste it on avatar gear just to get rid of it. Or how about the fact that we have never seen a large scale multiplayer game like Dust 514 or MAG because Microsoft caps our connection and we cannot rely on the bandwidth of our whole broadband connection not to mention does not include dedicated servers for games that need it. This last one was confirmed by a developer who posts here from time to time named Edios Chris. I could go on and on such as how they have done schemes as stupid and simple as molding an extra piece of plastic on your A/V cables just so you cannot use your Turtle Beach headset while running HDMI without first buying their 50.00 adaptor unless you want to rip the shield off the cables and play with bare wires wrapped in electrical tape

Now I hate to sound so doom & gloom because trust me. i really do like my xbox 360. I just don't think people should have this praise Microsoft attitude and act like everything they do completely blows away the competition. Competition who is now beating them in global console sales may I add due to the many problems I mention with the biggest one being the serious lack of Xbox exclusive games.

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