Things that NEED FIXING with XBOX ONE...ASAP

First off it's a great machine, however a lot of the functionality seems to have taken a step backwards.  I should be able to have ALL the options my xbox 360 had and then some.  Right now I feel that I've just bought a machine that was soley made to bridge the gap between my cable box and my TV.  My Xbox 360 is a better machine overall at this point as far as menus and their clarity / functionality etc.  Here's what I feel is missing or what needs to be fixed.  FWIW


  1. Party Chat's functionality - sometimes it works, majority of the time it doesn't even work.  Also when a party is setup or I'm joining a party i should start in party chat mode.  That's why i joined the party. Force me to turn OFF party chat if that wasn't my intention.  From the get go it should be on and i shouldn't have to click yet another button to get into party chat.
  2. Ability to adjust chat volume / game volume -- where did that go!?  
  3. Show me when friends log on - or at least an option to turn that feature on or off
  4. Friends list - want to be able to permanently sort by online only - without having to dig through 3-4 menus and click 3-4 buttons before seeing who's actually online, etc.  Also i want to keep the settings i chose, ie. show online only, or only show favorites.  I have to change this every time i start my machine.  
  5. Followers - want to be able to remove followers so I don't HAVE to see them in my 'feed' - maybe i only want to see what 1 or 2 or 5 people have going on - not all 100+
  6. Feed customization - i don't care what achievements anyone gets, give me some options so i can turn on or off what i see in my feed.  See also followers, i don't want to see all my followers in my 'feed'
  7. Headsets.  Right now 3rd party headsets are great for sound, but they're un-usable when it comes to chatting with friends in game.  The kinect doesn't cut it and is impractical to use as a mic.  Fix that pronto!  It's a real mood killer playing any games right now with the lack of 'chatting with friends / party' with the clear connectivity the xbox 360 already has.  Baffled how many small things like this were overlooked or removed (step backwards) for a 'next generation' console.  
  8. Pins / Customized Home page.  Right now i can customize my 'pins' but I'd rather 'pin' those things to my home page so it's more customized when i initially log on.  I don't want to have to scroll left or right to get to my 'customized' home page so to speak.  (hope that makes sense).  Maybe pinned apps / games should ALWAYS stay on the front page someplace, like where my 'history' of games / apps lives instead.
  9. Not sure how this is fixable but man it's just dumb. Why does my XBOX ONE HAVE to lay flat. It's a space hog. My xbox 360 works standing upright, however my XBOX ONE will NOT work if it's upright. This is a horrible design if that's the case.  Again, a step backwards IMO.


That's all i can think of off the top of my head but i'm sure more will come to me.  The XBOX ONE should be everything the xbox 360 already is AND more.  Right now it's just....something else, like some designer got a chance to make their mark and made it a bit more complicated with less functionality.  I hope these things get resolved fairly quickly.  I also realize this is all new, I just hope MS listens and makes the appropriate changes ASAP.  


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wow, so none of my formatting / return strokes worked apparently.  Now my post is just a wall of text.  Awesome.......

Galactic Geek can help you with that

Also if a mod wants to move this post to the wishlist / console section that's fine too.  I just saw that forum as i sent this on it's way.  

I agree with your post dude hope MS actually read it.

The x1 is still brilliant though, these issues need looking at though ASAP

ALSO - just thought of something else.

Kinect Setup.  I play with headphones only.  Right now i can't setup my Kinect because my xbox is connected to a PC monitor and my headphones.  So there's no speakers.  I should still be able to set it up somehow without the use of speakers.  

Great list! MS next update please oh and next week, that would be great!

I know they are probably reading all these suggestions on the forums here. I've seen a few times were somebody from the Xbox team responded to a few posts in the Xbox One General Discussion. Very rare though.

I hope your right Xbox Dude...

I also hope these things are fixed fairly soon.  (pre 2014) It's a fairly huge turn off having so many small, yet substantial issues like this.

the part chat issues I think are a combo...alot of people  are showing moderate or stric nat.  I was at moderate and had issues with party chat....strict can only connect with Open nat moderate can only connect with open or moderate poeple.  I updated my firmware on my router...which was needed....and My NAT type went to open.

I hate the way that you can snap the party but the minute you go to invite people it goes full screen and disrupts your game. It should stay snapped, showing a scrollable list of friends, and also work by voice so you can invite as you play otherwise what's the point in snapping it in the first place?!

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