things that need fixing my opinion xbox one dashboard


Fix crash to dashboard issue

General Stability

General OS speed increase in opening apps, such as friends or messages.

Fix missing pins

Fix Headset recolonization issues

Fix to support and add all major versions of the English/Spanish/French/German language

Fix to support 35 most common world languages (Windows Standard)

Fix Issue where discs are not recognized

Fix Issue where it will not allow you to insert a disc

Fix Issue where digital downloads are not recognized

Fix Notification pop-ups (off center and need to instantly display the notification instead of animation lag)

Fix Issues with multiple users and store purchases, wrong user getting purchase.

Fix issue where party chat can’t be turned on (despite open nat)

Fix Lost TV Signal issue

Fix RAM usage, (exit app/functions not being used to prevent dashboard crashes)

Turn off Kinect mic in muliplayer by default (I can hear everything they do and muting them all in game takes longer than it should)

Fix random connect sound pickups from games such as in BF4 the russian “I need ammo”, kinect picks it up as “Xbox, Record that”

Social: Parties, Friends and Messaging

Add original party system (8+ slots, any game, chat on by default)

Add “Invite to Game” system back

Add Friends/Party tab to home. (Similar to 360)

Add Voice Messages

Add Backwards compatibility parties and private chats with 360

Add Original Friend Request System (send and accept)

Add Faster access to Friends List

Add Faster access to Messages

Add Recent Players list with quick Mute option

Add Optional Friends/Favorites Now Online notification

Batch Delete Messages

Party/Game Invites show up in messages

Add more detailed player rating system with more options.

Option to quickly choose if you want to hear skype, party, or game chat or any combination of

Ability to choose voice output. TV/Headset etc.


Add faster access to achievement screen

Add more organized system such as the one found on 360

Add option to Snap Achievements at any time or as soon as you get them.

Ability to earn achievements offline

List unlocked and locked achievements on the same screen.

List Achievement progress


Add ability to see HDD space

Add Hard Drive Management

Add ability to snap download progress and speeds

Add better HDMI pass through for non supported devices (less latency)

Add controller battery life meter. (Similar to 360)

Add external USB storage. Flash/SSD/HDD/Hybrid Drive

Add ability to monitor active downloads (updates, apps, games etc)

Add 5.1 and 7.1 audio support

Add controller vibration options

Add option to play games at 720 or 1080 with “risk of framerate drop prompt”

Add sleep function to turn off TV when not in use for x amount of time

Add support for USB keyboads, Joysticks and flight sticks

Add User Adjustable performance levels (lower res better fps -or- higher res less fps)

Add User Adjustable performance levels adaptable for Multiplayer or Single Player

Add support for music storage devices/players

Add codec pack to support various media files

Add subtitle preference throughout all games/movies. Always on or always off. Ideally for deaf gamers who often miss out on opening cinematics.

Add Ability to rip CDs

Make HDMI-In Active so you can have Xbox turned off (or in standby) and still have your TV functionality

Add option to auto sign in as soon as console starts (for those who don’t use kinect or is not in an ideal location.)

Remove the notification that Kinect is disconnected.


Add ability to change size and location of Pins

Add Xbox Support Website as an easy to navigate App

Add active downloads live pin (updates, apps, games etc)

Add pin for controller battery life meter

Add ability to see download progress and speeds in a live pin


Add Windows Media Center App (support in HDMI-In as well)

Add Skydrive ability to read/play mp3 and various media files in background

Add background music app/player

Add more organized clip manager and screenshot manager

Add flash support on IE or allow flash app/plugin

Allow 3rd party browsers to develop (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, etc)

Add Alarm, Timer and Countdown app (runs while xbox is in sleep)

Add when choosing videos in the store to go to xbox video instead of needing to launch the app separately to get more options.

Add Netflix auto-off/sleep mode to turn off console after x amount of time.

Add Friends List app (separate from social app)

Change IE so it’s presented itself as a mobile browser to sites and loads sites accordingly

Unification of upload app, upload studio app and game DVR app


Add Snap “custom” allows choice of where and what you want on screen on the spot.

Add 3 different Snap modes (1/2 screen, Custom, and 1/4 screen)

Add audio adjustment for individual apps

Add Skype Snap

Add transparent/background Snap (Listen to music or videos while playing games in full screen)


Demo/Trial Store where you can download and test games before you buy (like on 360)

Add ability to backup game saves to Skydrive

Ability to save save game clips to Skydrive

Double taping home buttons takes a screenshot (switch snap is triple tap home)

Return the Indie Games

Add tags in clips and screenshots E, T, M, (ESRB) and Pegi 18 for content rating. Just like (NSFW)

Ability to turn off auto-recording. Fifa, BF4 etc.

Digital Game prices fixed. In some cases going digital is more expensive than a physical copy. Digital games should be based upon a price match of major companies or else always %15 off.

User Interface (UI)

Add more color options to the UI colors

Add custom themes and backgrounds for smartglass and xbox


Add option to opt-out of auto renew subscription

Add optional notifications to let users know when kinect is watching and listening.

Add ability to register xbox one, from the xbox one allowing warrenty registration.

Keep track of time played on each game/app and easily view the times.

Ability to start and monitor downloads from smartglass app/xbox website.

Ability to change Kinects default listening time.

Add ability to invert controls and change button mapping and saves for the individual profile

Vocal commands to be added

In general better voice recognition software, something on par with other voice services (Google Now or Siri)

Ability to make your own commands via recording them.

Ability to String Commands for example “Xbox, Play Battlefield and Snap Netflix”

Ability to replace “Xbox” with a custom word of your choosing

Ability to replace “Go to” with “Open”

“Xbox, Mute certain player” (recent players opens and choose who you want to mute

“Xbox, Mute all players in current game” (mutes all players in your current game except friend)

“Xbox, Voice Chat Off”

“Xbox, Voice Chat On”

“Xbox, Eject” (Disc is ejected)

“Xbox, Send message to -name here-”

“Xbox, Start a party and Invite -name here-”

“Xbox, Remove -app here- from pins”

“Xbox, Add -app here- to pins”

“Xbox, Snap News” (world or local via bing)

“Xbox, Snap weather forecast in -area-” (via bing)

“Xbox, Snap -common website-” (such as reddit, google, yahoo, ign via IE)

“Xbox, Fully Shut down” (Same as holding power for 10 seconds)

“Xbox, Turn Kinect off”

“Xbox, Turn Kinect off for -amount of time-”

“Xbox, Redeem code” (same as Use a Code)

“Xbox, Scan a code” (same as Use a Code)

“Xbox, Dashboard” (same as Go Home)

“Forza” recognized as “Forza Motorsport 5″

“Dead Rising” recognized as “Dead Rising 3″

“Ryse” recognized as “Ryse: Son of Rome”

“Just Dance” recognized as “Just Dance 5″

“Fitness” recognized as “Xbox Fitness”

“Madden” recognized as “Madden NFL 25″

“Zumba Fitness” recognized as “Zumba Fitness: World Party”

“Xbox, Snap Time” (Snaps mini transparent clock in the top left of your game)

“Xbox, Show Time” (Displays min transparent clock for a few 6 seconds)

“Xbox, Enhance Snap” make snap screen larger

“Xbox, Capture” (screenshot)

“Xbox, Screenshot” (screenshot)

“Xbox, Find Controller” (Controller Vibrates on and off for 20 seconds)

“Xbox, Mute Left” Mute left app/tv/game

“Xbox, Mute Right” Mute right app/tv/game

“Xbox, Off”

“Xbox, Channel Up”

“Xbox, Channel down”

“Xbox, watch channel “

“Xbox, previous channel”

“Xbox, scroll guide” (auto scrolls guide like tv guide channel)

Ability to disable commands such as “Xbox, Turn Off” (so it will no longer be abused)


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Quite the list. Your game request, although reasonable to an extent are flawed. What happens when the next Madden is out and you say Madden? Specific commands are a necessity in certain cases. The more "flexible" they are with word choice the more chance for error.

I guess I can take one out lol

I didn't realise you can't get achievements when playing offline? Does anyone know what happens here then? You have to do the same again when you connect or they just automatically pop up when you go online?

They will automatically pop when you reconnect to live

[quote user="B1ood Stone"]

They will automatically pop when you reconnect to live


Thanks mate :-)

Opera min

Dam OP, sounds like you just want them to make a new console lol

That's a he'll of a big list you have there.

Necrothreading is not just a is a lifestyle !