There's a hacker on Xbox Live

I found this person on Black Ops 2 and he has hacked people's accounts and has a modified console, he also has a modded controller. 

GT : [Mod Removed]


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How did you "find" him ? Did he cough and give away his hiding place ?

thats funny .^^lol good stuff.

Please, use the console features to:

  Mute, Block, and Avoid this player.

  File a complaint.


#If more people actual did this ^^ [tag:then] xbox live would be a better place #no ho mo

Report him using your console.

@Z4ZonE  Why would it be a better place? cheating games and hacking people's accounts is alright? seriously? *FacePalm*

No, I meant if people did what the guy said above me lol

Microsoft put the reporting system in the Xbox but people don't use it. they just call Microsoft like there going to be able to do something about it. there is a certain department that handles that, not Xbox support, if only I knew the name of that department..... however, xbox support says you can post that stuff here in the forums when someone is hacking you. don't see what that does, but I know for a fact that If enough people reports a player, that unknown department well step in and do the following:

1. suspend for a short time.

2. ban, meaning the profile can no longer be used online on any console

3. console ban, meaning the xbox can no longer be used to go online, and the profile can no longer be used online on any console.