There Won't Be A Skyrim Demo


The world of Skyrim is definitely not a place for the timid. If the hostile environments don't get you, there's always the chance that your adventure will end with a one-way trip down a dragon's throat. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim itself will require a leap of faith as well, with word that there won't be a demo for the sprawling action-RPG.

New Zealand game site Gameplanet recently interviewed Bethesda about the game, and the company confirmed that there wouldn't be a demo for Skyrim. According to the company, the game is too large and complex for a demo to adequately show off the game. While the decision might be a disappointment for some gamers, it's difficult to say it's a surprise; previous Elder Scrolls games haven't had demos, either.

Realistically, does this change your plans to buy the game? Were you holding your breath for a sneak peek this time around, or were you planning on going into the game completely fresh?




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That was obvious, a game that large would put everyone off if a compressed unfinished mess was presented to us.

I can live with this. Wasn't expecting one ither.

I wasn't expecting a demo to be honest.

Didn't expect a demo!

I am still overly hyped about this game, need to ignore it for the next few months lol.

Well for those who were expecting a demo, You know now there wont be one.

with such anticipation and hype for this game....a demo would only, ruin that ...first time seeing the game feeling most fans have been waiting years for....the demo for DA2 put alot of people off the final release

Nor will there be demos for all the major games coming out.  Being them sequals in the first place, everybody knows what to expect.  Does look great though.  Hope i dont get bitten by a vampire in this one :(

why would you expect a demo for a RPG, it's madness i tell ye!!!

just play oblivion and boom = about 1/100th of the awesomeness we're all about to receive!

Not a surprise, It's a good thing anyway. If they released a demo it would take time when they could be imrpoving the game. Also why make a demo which will badly show of the games graphics and gameplay into a small compressed file. Wouldn't be a good idea, I can't wait to see how this game turns out

Lol. Demo!!    

A Demo would not do a game like this any justice at all.

Mind, if you really are unsure, and wished there was a Demo, then buy Oblivion, and treat it as your Demo. 

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