themes for xbone

when will we have themes for xbox one???


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I don't believe there has been any official announcement about this but I believe Microsoft are looking to add it at a later date.

Hopefully no time soon. I can think of a few things I'd rather see first. :P

^ Voice messages? ;-p

^ Someone actually reads my post. :) :P

2020... Just kidding; Xbox 1 runs on kind of a Windows 8 operating system or Windows 8 style right? While in Windows 8.1 ....... you can change the theme/picture of the Desktop and Start Screen background. XBOX.... 360 you can change the Dash background to a picture or theme of choice. I know Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 run on different hardware architecture, but if there's one company which can make software which pushes the limits on hardware, its Microsoft ^^-)

I don't know when themes will come, but when and if they do, let's hope it looks something like this (if not better). :D