Their is a buzzing in my left ear

On my turtle beaches x12 I have everything hooked up like it show in the pamphlet I have tried disabling vibration pleas whelp because it is like 10 times louder than game sound, and when I tried them on my computer they dident work please help

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It goes away when a short sound is made, like notification or  when u click on a button

If the sound is just from one channel then it could just be a bad connection somewhere. Even on the speaker in the headset itself!

Try swapping the channels over, ie, changing the red/white audio plugs around to reverse the channel input.

If the sound then comes from the right earpiece then you know that there is a possible fault/poor connection somewhere.

If the sound still comes from the left then you know that there is a fault with the headset itself.


Any luck with curing the buzzing noise?