The Years of my account on Live is gone

So today I went silver for about 3 hours an then I just recently put a Membership card on it an now it's showing I have no years at all.  Why is it gone?  P.S I've almost been on live for 5 years going on October.


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Don't worry about it.  The tenure will show up again.  It doesn't show when you are silver so it will take a wee bit to repopulate your account.

I Actually Lost Over 3000-4000 Gamer Points.. When I Changed Over From Silver To Gold Again, A Few Years Back Too...

I Pretty Sure, I Used To Play On LIVE! [Could Of Been System Link], On The Original XBOX [Back In 2003} & It Only Shows 2 Years Now Too..

There Was A 1-2 Year Gap, When It Changed Over From XBOX To 360 Service & I Bought The 360 2006-7 etc..

I think it only keeps counting if its a continuous run on Gold. So a second of being a silver resets it. Thats how I understood it as being anyway.

I might be wrong. And as an ambassador I will go and find out because I want to know! But i think mine shows 3 years? Well Ive been live gold for 5 years and I have only ever run out to silver once while i was on holiday abroad, so who knows?...

Ill find some info and come back.

Okay... I have answers!

When the gold membership yearly counter was started there was originally a 14 day rule, meaning if you had a break of silver for 14 days or more between being a gold member then your yearly gold membership counter would be reset. But that no longer applies!

Sometimes the systems are slow and it takes a while to update, but one thing you can do is to clear your systems cache and also recover your gamertag. This doesnt always work, but it solves it a lot of times.

Also it will only count a full year it doesnt round up, so if its been 2 years, 11 months and 20 days, that will only show as 2 years.

So yes it counts day by day when you are gold and also counts day by day when you are silver, the gold goes towards your total number of years that you are racking up and the silver doesnt count towards anything.

Hope thats helped everyone.