The Xbox One Has Come Full Circle

It's officially May - 1 year ago this month, the Xbox One was announced. We have officially come full circle. Since then, how has your perception of the Xbox One console, the Kinect, its features, its accesories, and its games and apps changed? Has it changed for the better, for the worse, or not much at all? Why or why not?

Please share your opinions regarding the topic above as well as some of the good and bad experiences you've had over the past year, before and after the release of the console. Let's make this a lively and respectable discussion...



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A year has passed, some things have changed, some love it, others hate it, some are undecided, come full circle ? No not at all.

Honestly I tried to not expect much.  We should all know by now that it takes time for consoles to find their footing.  That said, it's obvious Sony and Microsoft rushed to ship their respective systems by the holidays as fans have been complaining about lack of features that are slowly being added in the subsequent months.  I hope to see more of the missing features added quickly, along with whatever improvements come to the UI that I do not have the foresight to see at the moment.  Games I do not worry about because it takes time.  Console launch lineups typically leave us wanting

Tedi, when I said full-circle, I was referring to the time-span only, not that they've "fixed everything" - that's virtually impossible. Also, you technically haven't answered my questions yourself. What's your (specific) opinion on the past year regarding the Xbox One?

Lights, I like how you mention what you hope to see in the future of the Xbox One - that's something else we can all talk about. So, here's a new question I'll add for you guys: what are you looking forward to during this next year of entertainment with the Xbox One?

To me a year passing is not coming full circle, something coming full circle usually means returning to the original state, however, I love and hate the Xbox One right now, it shows potential in some areas, and lacks severely in others, I don't have to mention them, as we all know and have pretty much stated what we love and hate about the Xbox One.

Mine has pretty much been neutral. I had the expectations of a great console and I haven't been let down. I do hope within the next year that there is more support for the things that should of been present at launch imo. HDD, Themes ect...

Over all I am happy with the console :D

Slightly for the worse, I was hoping to get something really good for the Kinect but Kinect Sports Rivals was disappointing and Dance Central is nowhere to be found. Mind you my opinion of the system is that it is great and I'm loving it, but I was hoping for something a bit better for Kinect. Still hoping for something big soon. Looking forward to some Halo announcements!

My X1 has taken over my living room. I use voice commands just as much as my TV remote. Once it gets HBOGO I won't need the input button on said remote anymore. One thing I didn't realize how much I love until I tried playing GTA the other day is the controller. I didn't love it at first feel, but it has grown into my hands so amazingly, I have a hard time using any other controller. I find it to be ergonomic heaven.

That said, the system was clearly rushed. There are bugs that I can't believe still happen, such as DigDown games not opening, or party chat bugging out, or disconnecting controllers that require hard resets to fix.

The content (Apps and Games) has been slow to roll out, but thats expected on a new system. Unfortunately the 360 and PS3 lifespan have completely changed what we expect in a game system, and therefore gave the X1 unrealistic launch expectations. But in the completely polarized entitled culture in the world right now, it's not surprising.

I hope they keep up their monthly updates, trouble shooting and evolving this thing without rushing anything else. It would be nice to see articles on gaming sites that don't talk about resolution, or what xbox needs to do to catch up to PS4, or any other of that lazy reporting that really doesn't affect gamers, just the pockets of Sony and MS.

I think this thread should be restarted in 2015, as we will have a clearer picture of where Xbox One is going by then.