The Xbox One controllers are poorly built

Had 3 of them.

- First had a loose micro USB port

- Second has developed loose panel

- Third so far is fine

The analog sticks get incredibly dirty after one week of ownership. My blue controller was starting to show dirt on it even though it hasn't been used for days. The 360 controllers were really solid, even the one that's been on the wrong end of rage, but is still solid. Had a one of them for almost ten years now and it's still in pretty good shape. I don't think the Xbox One controllers would survive any rough play


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My two Day 23 controllers are still going strong. That only makes both of them over 2 years old now. Guess I'm not playing rough enough... although my friends wouldn't agree with that. :)

I find the controller to be of exceptional quality.

Can't say about the micro usb etc. but the panels on are tight and haven't so much as creaked the entire time I've had it. But I have seen others who's side panels poped with normal use, so I must have got a good one.  

Just don't shower for a week or look after your belongings, certainly use allot of force with electronics. These are my pro tips on maintaining all console controllers.

Do you wash your hands regularly or what? Haha.

Seriously though the elite controller is the way to go, can't recommend it enough and you can remove the sticks for easy cleaning ;-)

The amount of times I've dropped my controller I'm surprised it hasn't broken already, but still on my original controller from 2013.

^^ Same here but the left thumbstick is starting to drift a bit on one of my day one controllers now but it has had a hammering.

Clean and dust, bathe regularly, wash hands frequently, even if it's just number 1, and GL.

It's made out of plastic and this "made in China". What do you expect? XD

I know Australia and New Zealand have tough consumer protection legislation over here.

My Xbox 1 Day 1 Edition console with Kinect's controller is running fine. And I sometimes eat while using my controller. When I got home this afternoon, I was trying to eat when one of my friends wanted me to talk to her. I got Xbox late 2010 and 2 months ago, my original Xbox 360 wireless controller for my slim console started drifting so bad my friends in Minecraft said I was moving when I was AFK. But it's still playable.

I got a Turtle Beach 500x February this year. And a few days ago, the right retractable arm to the headset cracked. It comes with a 12 month warranty which doesn't expire til February next year. I live in NZ and contacted the NZ retailer. They said they'll pay for shipping and for me to choose if I want a brand new 500x headset, or refund. In NZ and Australia, consumers are legally entitled to special rights which is quite fortunate. I feel sorry for you Americans. Turtle Beach like prints a leaflet which came with my headset, saying "STOP" 'don't return me' 'we can help'. And lists website/forum/email contact. Problem is, their Support is no where up to par with like Xbox Support. This 'allow up to 10 days for reply'. I think this leaflet is more directed at Australian/NZ customers cause they know we have tougher consumer rights here. Products are required to be "durable" and last "a reasonable time".

Remember the number one rule in business. "The customer is always right". Even though that may not always be true. On the other hand you can just go out there and deliberately abuse your stuff. Try to keep your devices clean and treat them properly. But products are made with plastic, so we shouldn't expect them to last heaps of years. 12 months is fine. 2 years even better. 3+ years and you're lucky.

My Day one controller the least used of my Controllers was babied because it felt very weak when I was gaming. But it is the only one that doesn't have any issues so far. Bought a Blue Camo controller Night strike or something it was called and it has one issue the right bumper sticks and was annoying that it didn't work the best. Bought a new Halo Silver controller and it has been the worst one so far it has major drift up and down on the left thumb stick. I haven't been too rough with it but my nephew has used it a bit to play Blops 3 over the holidays so who know what he did.

I have pretty much decided I am going to buy the Elite controller pretty soon because I like the idea that it is heavy built and sturdy.  Not sure of the paddles but I understand you don't need to use them if you don't want.

The LS on my controller is horribly worn, there's this like huge hole or idk how to describe it in the area where it touches the panel. I swear one day it'll just go through at this rate lol. None of my 360 controllers have it that bad even though I've used them more than my One controller. I'm glad the RB hasn't gotten any more loose (was loose straight out of the box, it's just like hanging there). Well, it still works so that's a positive thing but I do believe the 360 controller does feel more reliable. I mean, I used to hit it quite a lot when I raged and it still didn't break but the One controller feels like it'd break the moment I'd hit it once...

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