The worst company of the year award goes too.....

Well who should it go to ?


Here I would say since about this time last year are the nominations


Company Name: THQ

Reason/s for nomination:

Well THQ have managed a right year, from last year managing a press releases calling most of its own fans complete retards who only care about shiny things.

To their rant about how online codes are required to save them, and then managing to bash every major release round the time UFC 2010 blaming them for poor sales rather than the online code.

Leaning on its developers, never officially reported but its looking that way as Homefront came out seeming rushed and not at all like a Sequal to Chaos studios last game the pretty damn fine Frontlines fuel of war, the studio were so annoyed, upset by Homefront that they closed down, then comes Violitions next outing Red Faction Armageddon following on from the previous open world game with a well loved multiplayer what comes out, a linear third person shooter with an average length single player and no competative multiplayer, how odd.


Company Name: EA

Reason/s for nomination:

what list would be complete without them, now where do we start this year.

Closing down server for 2010 sports games

Releasing Tiger wood with an online activation code and then still releasing day one DLC at 800msp per 1 course.

Selling exp packs, for a boxing game to let people pay to train their fighter up to an unstopable terminator basically meaning any-one hoping to train their fighter legitemately needs the skill of a boxer themselves to even stand a chance.

Managing to get a project $10 code attached to a single player game with 300 of the gamerscore depending on the content from said code.



Company Name: Lionhead studios

Reason/s for nomination:

Fable 3, I'm saying no more than that.


Company Name: Activision

Reason/s for nomination:

Where to start, where to start.

Kotick saying gamers are getting too much value for money from COD and should pay for time beyond a certain amount of in game time.

Activision saying that COD elite was to give something back to the fans (how about some cheap DLC or something free you *****)

Managing to get 2 DLC released in 3 months at 1200msp

Still charging 1200msp for DLC despite claiming they have to charge £50 a game because of development costs, all while managing millions in sales and rolling in the cash.

Abandoning their older titles to hackers and not patching them. Millions in cash and they refuse to pay to keep older titles from becoming hacker playgrounds, well done there.

Launching a heavy attack on EA in press releases claiming that Kotick was refused entry to see BF3 in the private showing, only for EA to release pictures of Kotick at the event and activision still don't change their story.

The whole failing to pay Treyarch bonuses nonsense

For Forcing Valve to court again after refusing to pay the $424,000 owed to valve as part of a previous settlement from Sierra entertainment selling Valve products without paying Valve. Activision is not claiming not only do they not owe the money they have overpaid and pressumably trying to get moeny from Valve


Company Name: Microsoft

Reason/s for nomination:

Another regular to the list, why this time well heres why this year.

The continuing arguement between them and Valve over free DLC etc

kicking the dead horse that is games for windows live and still not patching the cross platform games, aswell as not patching them to run on windows 7 then selling the games at discount prices

The new forums

Turning Rare, the once great company behind classic games and innovations into a laughing stock by rather than having them finish Kameo 2 or any of their other titles moving the whole team to Kinect launch titles. As good as kinect being Rare deserve so much better than to be making novelty games.

Encouraging indie developers then squashing them, remeber Fortresscraft and how it was going to be the 360 minecraft, then E3 rolls round and MS makes Fortresscraft totally pointless (rightly or wrongly there) destroying an indie developer right away.


Company Name: Atari

Reason/s for nomination:

The state of release for test drive unlimited 2



So who do you nominate ?

Who do you think should win ?

Any more reasons for the nominations already here to get the award ?


This is a bit of fun and not meant to be taken too seriously, this is the general forum after all.


Company Name: Gearbox software

Reason/s for nomination:

For releasing the unreleaseable game of Duke Nukem Forever. a great credit too them, but so much hurt from the player who aren't used to a game that doesn't hold their hand for the whole thing.


Company Name: Rockstar

Reason/s for nomination:

Who would have thought I'd be listing this but they deserve a nomination for managing to make a game that can put too much demand on older consoles crashing them.


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EA ... without a shadow of a doubt.

Closing servers down for 2010 games is out of order, especially when they are selling online passes. Lets see how many 2011 games they close in May/June/July next year and the uproar it causes because people have paid extra on the game to play online..

of the year....Its July.....maybe this should be done in December..after all companies have released their titles??

But so far.....Crytek...for refusing to fix the online for Crysis 2 despite acknowledging its problems and just blatantly not caring

[quote user="Cokney Charmer"]

of the year....Its July.....maybe this should be done in December..after all companies have released their titles??

[/quote] do you always have to comment like this?

do you have ducks up your jacksy?

i'd say EA from who you nomimated

But really i'd like to say sega for being so far up sony's @@@ even after they were destroyed by em

you seem obsessed with going up the g glitter??

If it weren't for the hope that Space Marine won't suck balls, I'd nominate THQ. They started this whole online pass nonsense (not that EA are guilt free in this) and that has been the worst thing to come out of this hobby since M$ decided to charge for online play. So not only do we have to pay extra to play our games online, thanks to grubby old M$, but because of these idiot publishers (probably in cahoots with M$) we aren't allowed to support businesses through second hand sales, which are quite legal. F'cking ridiculous.

Capcom are worse than all of them.

[quote user="Cokney Charmer"]

you seem obsessed with going up the g glitter??

[/quote] oh dear really?

EA just do not care about their customers at all. Worst ever.

EA, mainly because i cannot stand the amount of sports related games thats come out each year for £40 to then have servers shut down the next year. (exaggeration) Also they closed probably the best RTS on the 360, servers down, LOTRBFME 2. However THQ come a close second for also, alongside EA, doing this whole Pass code nonsense, way to ruin second hand gaming.

Atari / Eden for TDU2 hands-down.


The most gargantuan balls-up of a game release I can remember.


Simply horrible.

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