The Undead Apocalypse (TUA) .::.Is now Recruiting!.::.

Hello There!

Thankyou for clicking on this thread and taking an interest!


Right So I suppose you're wanting some information about TUA?
Well lets get to it!


The Owners 

The Owners of TUA would be myself (x Miss Undead x), And TheUndeadVoice.


What we have to offer!

We offer you a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. We are loyal, and above all respectful to one another.
We will hold matches against other members of the clan about 2 times a week,
and have clan matches as a team 2 times a week, (Maybe more).

We will also offer a few custom games, for training purposes, to help you
achieve the game play you wish to.

We are also on hand to help you with any problems, playing the campaign such as the

achievements for halo 3 and various other games.


The Games We Play

The Games we play are the following;

Halo 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2

Of course this will increase over time!

Other Gaming Platforms we have

We Are currently working on getting a PS3,
but for the moment we have xbox and PC.

The PC Games We play

World Of Warcraft


How to Apply

Well How you can apply is rather simple!
Send Me x Miss Undead x a message on Xbox
Or Even, Mail me over My Facebook


Message  TheUndeadVoice on xbox
Or Send a email to him  Via Facebook. 

Also, When you email me Or TUV (TheUndeadVoice)
Please Write down, What games you wish to play. 

What we expect from you!

Its rather simple! What we expect from you is the following;


  • Be  Polite!
  • Respect Other players
  • Have fun
  • On halo 3, Change your Service Tag to U00
  • On COD; MW2 change your clan Tag to TUA
  • Please Put 'Member of The Undead Apocalypse' in your bio!
  • AND  if you REALLY want to jump into it, Try and fit 'Undead' into your GT!


If there is anything else you need to know, Give me a shout, until then

Happy gaming!


(Dont Forget this is only a 17+ Clan,  In order to be an exception you MUST be mature.)

LASTLY; This clan if for ANY gender, You're all welcome!

We Will also create our Very own Forum when we reach about 10 members!


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Heres My Facebook link again, seeing as the other Is acting Oddly.


Name has now been changed to

The Undead Assassins!