The struggle continues

Unfortunately, I am one of the handful of people who have had the controller disconnecting issue. When will Microsoft acknowledge the fact that its a huge problem? I've tried everything from hard resetting to unplugging everything and I even did a factory reset recently thinking it would fix it, nope. The support team is terrible when it comes to this I know that tons of people have gone to them for this and they act like its something brand new. **** you Microsoft! This is a $400 gaming system.and you can't fix this darn problem?

I'm about ready to smash this console and how can I even recommend to a friend when you've got troubles like this? Everything else can be fixed right? Everything else but when it comes to this problem, y'all act like its so difficult! Microsoft, your broken "nxoe" update did this and I demand a fix as soon as possible! I'm tired of having this problem pushed aside and I'm *** sure so many others are feeling the same way.

All I want is to enjoy my Xbox one but Microsoft makes it soooo hard for us to even like them. I never had issues like this on my 360. I want this fixed. I want me and all others with this problem to be heard, quit treating us this way because we're sick of it. We just want to enjoy your console.


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