The Self Preservation Society - clan and comunity for mature laid back gamers

we are a mixed bag of moving targets with a wide age range from all corners of the UK.
We aren't looking for uber hardcore mental heads that breathe like Darth Vader as we are a laid back clan where winning comes a usual second to having a laff !
Some fueled by alcohol, some by caffeine and maybe some high on them refresher sweets !!

We try to play a wide variety of games , from FPS to Racers to Sports titles to Card games on the Arcade. If it has a semi-decent multiplayer chances are most of us will have it.

We don't take our clan matches too seriously, although it is nice to win now and again. We don't recruit members judged on their skill more on how we all get along in a game .
Possible new members must be mature and aged 18 or above.

Pop a post on here if you want to fill up your friends list with well adjusted grown ups or if you fancy getting involved in games with a bit more of a competitive edge against some of the other communities and clans that float about these forums.
Or if you're in another friendly non-uber death machine clan and fancy a fight/race/drunken laugh on some game or other get in touch.


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Hi this sounds like my thing im 31 from manchester who likes to have a laugh and winning is good but second to me as having  a laugh is first priority  send me a message through xbox and ill have a go cheers

This sucks! all our Apocalyptic literature from days gone has been wiped out!

All your bullshit coco gone lol

Hey Toxic you could always pop along to the clan forums as well which is posted at the bottom of each of our posts

Oh and Johnny I do believe you meant all YOUR BS had gone

and mine too :)

gotta get back into driving games etc,   playing too many rpg I think................either that or I am losing interest :/

Is moh tier one thingy the only way to get access to battlefield 3 beta? I hope not. Righty I'm off to access my beer stash and get the fridge stacked again for later. See you guys online at sundown ;)

Sun is shining and the weather is clear........for now :/    

Looking forward to BF3 and Skyrim

sup coco?? cat got your balls again!


Can the title be edited?

LOL, has that been like that all the time? I guess so! I haven't noticed it before. You don't have to be clever to be sh*t hot tho 8)

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.