The Rise of RYSE

I have to admit, out of all the launch titles... well, the ones that really matter, Ryse has always had a hard time standing out to me. Of course, it looks really good in terms of visuals, but with the questionable gameplay and depth, I've been having a hard time really looking into it and trying to get interested in it.
With the recent discussions about it on IGN and Revision3, I have to say, they've restored... or more of revealed to me why I should be paying attention to this game. I haven't played it, I wasn't fortunate enough visit the Xbox One tour, but from just reading and hearing about it, I've gotten more excited about it than I ever had before.
I'm not too sold on actually buying it at a $60 price tag, mainly due to questionable replay value, but I'll definitely be all open ears when reviews start coming in. I expect it to get very mixed scores, but there's no question that I want to play it.
Anybody else feel the same way? With recent videos shedding some light on what the game's really about, do you now, or still, have faith in this game? 


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I'll buy it in 3 years time when it's £5

Ryse looks pretty bad to be honest, but its just a launch game. It could have potential with sequels and what not.

Yeah it doesn't call my attention at all, not to say it doesn't look good or anything. But, I did read a review on it somewhere and they said they questioned the repetitive fighting system and not feeling satisfied with it. It's a rental in my eyes.

It looks really good, but if it turns out to be nothing but a button masher I'll pass.

After hearing about custom arenas in MP I won't mind paying full retail price for it now. I've already played it and I'm ok in that area.

I think it has some of the best visuals of any next gen title, and they've definitely improved its gameplay since what originally debuted, but there's no way I would buy it at launch.

I'm getting it at launch,  mostly looking forward to the multiplayer.

Best looking next-gen title so far IMO. From watching the trailers, the story is sure to be epic and the co-op multiplayer is sure to be a blast. That being said, I can see myself getting a little bored of the repetitive execution animations so I will wait for a price drop or a good sale.