The Report/Feedback System - What's Going On?

If you want to report someone, it gives you very few options...

1. report name/gamertag.
2. report gamerpic.
3. report cheating.
4. report voice communication.

What about reporting text messages or film clips? What if someone abuses the system or the network? Where's the feedback options? I can't leave negative feedback for players being rude, annoying, distasteful (**** comes to mind), showing bad sportsmanship, quitting early, etc. & when I can report someone, it's incredibly difficult because you have to remember their GT or bring it up during the game itself.

I thought we would also be able to report good players for the things they do (good teamwork, friendly, helpful, etc.) - that's something I was looking forward to & still don't see. Why is it so limited?

To all of these questions above, I've so far only been able to answer the 1st one - there's a report option if you press the menu button while looking at a text message or film clip.

Another thing I've noticed is when you go to report someone & see the 4 options above, there's a "..." on the bottom of the screen that I can't seem to access - usually this means there's more to see if you click on it. However, since I can't click on it, this makes me think that more will be added later. If so, what? And more importantly, when?

I, & I'm sure many others, would like these questions (& more) answered, & soon.

In the meantime, what's your take on the reporting/feedback system? Do you like/hate it & if so, why? Do you think they could add more & if so what? If they do add more, when do you think they'll get around to it? Also, feel free to share any experiences (without naming & shaming) where you felt wronged by another player & weren't able to report them or leave feedback easily, if at all. Alternatively, you can discuss great experiences where you wish you could've left positive feedback with the reasoning behind it (which is something I personally felt was sorely lacking from the Xbox 360), but couldn't.

As of now, I haven't seen anyone's reputation move 1 way or the other - it always looks the same...


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