The Problem with Battlefield 3.

Is from the 1% of the game I have played via the beta its a bit CRAP.

Forget COD, Forget Halo, Forget GoW3.............Battlefield 3 is going to be crap....isn't it?


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Like a lot of other people I'm struggling a lot of the time to see the opposing team shooting at me the characters seem to blend in to well with the scenery making it almost impossible to see them sometimes. It was all much easier with battlefield 1943 lol. I will still be looking to buy the full game as  the battlefields are my second  most played games,but I'm much more apprehensive with this one at the moment.

I've been playing the battlefields since the early ones on the pc and have so far bought them all. But I have to say that I'm not so far over enthusiastic about purchasing this one. The beta just doesn't do it for me it seems to sniper fest to me and takes the fun aspect out of the game.

Posting in a terrible thread. +1

It's a Beta thus i wont cry about bugs... because I am not a idiot like some of you clearly are.

But...this is a troll thread? so i treated it as such. But really  anyone who moans about bugs in a Beta should search up what Beta means...

[quote user="Unreal Warfare"]

[quote user="Praetorian VIII"]

What are we supposed to judge it on then?

Do you honestly believe this is representative of the final product?


Should be.  

The full game is out in 4 weeks.  This is why I don't get it when people say it's an "old build".  It doesn't make logical sense to release an "older build" beta of a game that's out in 4 weeks.  Betas are supposed to test and find problems.  How will you achieve that if it's an older build?  Problems which AREN'T in the Beta might be in the full retail game - the newer build.

Feels like I'm playing Hardcore on COD.

The health just  I'm usually dead before I can react or even know I'm being shot at much like in HC in COD.

Plus, Operation Metro is a crap map.  They should be showcasing the full potential of the game.  Battlefield is about the vehicles too but there isn't any in the beta yet.  Admit it, we ALL want to see what the jets are like...

I have only played a handful of games on both 360 and PS3 (haven't tried PC yet). Seems pretty good to me. The graphics are not the best and dose seem to bright but it is only a beta. The gameplay is spot on for me. The only real problems I have noticed is the map is to bright. Also when the objectives move down into the train station. The steam who respawns in the park pretty much get spawned killed. As when you drop down into the train station 99% of the time someone is trying to shoot you.

Posting in a terrible thread.

If you look at the battlefield 3 forum a lot of people agree with you.

i have played the ps3 and xbox beta and it has 100% put me off buying it.

the only people defending it are the die hard battlefield fans,i am not one of them nor am i a cod fanboy.

very disappointing.

The bugs like falling through the floor, and white flashes are also prevalent on the PC build. I personally thought Metro was a good map as it promotes teamwork. However I think the maps are too big for the Xbox 360 version of the game. 64 players on PC really does make a difference as it gives the map more life. Caspian Border is a good map however.


Don't be so quick to judge the game based on this beta. It's a beta, not a demo. Don't be so quick to judge the game based on just one map either.


The only thing I really didn't like about the beta personally was more how most matches seemed to be the winner was the team who knew how to camp better. I'm sure we'll see less of this when people get used to the maps however.

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