The Letters EG banned from XBL

As most of you have heard Microsoft has banned the use of the letters EG
alone in Gamertags , Mottos, and Clan Tags. We do not know why this is. We the Leadership of EG have posted to ask why but no answer. Please help us we are a respect base clan with a Code of Conduct that we follow. Evolution Gaming has a membership of over 800 and growing every day. We don't see how the letters EG are breaking XBL Code od Conduct here is a sample of our Code of Conduct .


EG stands for Evolution Gaming and is a community of gamers that are
working towards a respectable gaming environment and having a fun

We do want to stress that this is a game and is meant to be fun but do have a few rules that we abide by to set us apart.

The most important part of being with EG is our Code of Conduct and I will read this verbatim to avoid any confusion.

Gaming maintains a standard of respect among its members. Violations of
this policy are considered among the most severe in EG. All members are
expected to maintain a professional and respectful attitude at all
times, even if others around you are not. Evolution Gaming requires that
every member display honesty, fairness and integrity at all times.
Honesty is one of the cornerstone principles of Evolution Gaming, and
any form of dishonesty is considered to be a serious violation of the
Code of Conduct. We do not allow modding. Glitches may not be used to
make scoring impossible for an opposing team. Intentional team killing
of a teammate in last stand or second chance is not allowed as it is
makes scoring impossible for an opposing team. Member poaching, clan
hitting or any other destructive act directed toward another community
is strictly prohibited.

The Code of Conduct can be found in full on our website.

We do have a few other rules and I will go over these now.

you are online, you should be visible and not shown as offline or
hidden. We want to be able to play with you and when we can't see you we
can't invite you to play.

If you decide to leave just let the commander know that you want to leave and why.

can let someone else use your tag as long as they notify the people
they are playing with ahead of time but if they are using your tag to
falsely represent you or Evolution Gaming or using your tag to
participate in a EG tournament as this is considered cheating and can
result in disciplinary action.


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Why are we being punished! We are here to have fun and play the games the way there were intended!

We shouldn't be put down for wanting to show our colors that we are proud of our gaming community and want to help promote our community so that we can help better the WHOLE gaming community one gamer at a time..

You can let someone else use your tag as long as they notify the people they are playing with ahead of time

Just a guess but that could be part of the reason. Account sharing is not allowed, so your Terms of Use would seem to be in violation of Microsoft's own.

that just means if you have a friend over playing on your account to tell someone so everyone else knows, I don't see how letting a friend play on your account on your xbox could get you banned.

"Account Sharing is not allowed"

Really? Can you quote the TOU where this is stated. I thought it was perfectly fine to have one gamertag for the whole household. Why wouldn't that be allowed?

Who ever creates the account is responsible for it, you can have a family account of up to four gamer tags, four separate accounts under one family, as for house holds you can allow minors on under 13 if supervised,

Section 5 of the terms of use is very clear about only you may use your service account.

Check Here

Beaten to it by an evil tedi :P

[quote user="voteDC"]

Beaten to it by an evil tedi :P


Not at all, just helpin ya out lol.

why is it every time a small group of jerks using a clan tag causes trouble do you have to ban everyone with that tag can't you just ban the people who are causing the trouble in the first place because just like when you banned DoG there is more than 1 group of people using that clan tag we are Evolution Gaming and I invite you to check us out we have over 800 members who play by a code of conduct and who do not as a rule go around hacking & modding people who value sportsmanship & fair play we have only been a gaming community since March of 2011 and we have already grown into a good sized community that is continually growing our web site is for now we are building a new & even better one please feel free to checkout out our website & let me know if I can help you in gaining access To the forums so can read our code of conduct for your selves thank you very much for your time and consideration EG DRAG0N CM I am one of the leaders of this community

Sorry but I refuse to register for your site in order to check it out. Forced registration makes me think you've got things to hide.

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