The Letters EG banned from XBL

Microsoft, I love being part of EG which stands for Evolution Gaming. It's a group of responsible, mature adults coming together to make gaming fair and sportsmanlike.   All of my friends, including the ones I have yet to meet in this community have a great gaming experience each and every second they are in EG.  That is the purpose of our clan!  We have taken gaming to a whole new level.  Friends having fun and playing together? Why on earth would you decide to stop us from identifying ourselves?  

Please, if your having issues with a select group of individuals, address those issues with those people. Do not create over 800 disgruntled customers, and gamers in one blanket decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

P.S. below is an excerpt from our recruiting speech.

EG stands for Evolution Gaming and is a community of gamers that are working towards a respectable gaming environment and having a fun experience.

We do want to stress that this is a game and is meant to be fun but do have a few rules that we abide by to set us apart.

The most important part of being with EG is our Code of Conduct and I will read this verbatim to avoid any confusion.

Evolution Gaming maintains a standard of respect among its members. Violations of this policy are considered among the most severe in EG. All members are expected to maintain a professional and respectful attitude at all times, even if others around you are not. Evolution Gaming requires that every member display honesty, fairness and integrity at all times. Honesty is one of the cornerstone principles of Evolution Gaming, and any form of dishonesty is considered to be a serious violation of the Code of Conduct. We do not allow modding. Glitches may not be used to make scoring impossible for an opposing team. Intentional team killing of a teammate in last stand or second chance is not allowed as it is makes scoring impossible for an opposing team. Member poaching, clan hitting or any other destructive act directed toward another community is strictly prohibited.


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