The lack of controller options is appalling.

How long has the XONE been out now ? We still dont have the basic staples of modern technology. For instance, how is it there is no option to turn off the vibration function on my controller ? huh ? why ? I shouldnt have to be forced to go out and buy a charge kit or whatever just because you are too inept to add a basic function that even a basic phone has. I am  hemorrhaging batteries like the dickens. 

Some games have the option to turn it off which works but sometimes those games even with it turned off still does it Halo MCC, Borderlands,etc. I dont know what the problem is with these basic things and why you have a phobia of letting us all choose to set certain things the way we want . Why isnt this a option ? Now I have to open my controller and physically remove the weight and wire just so I can turn off the vibration function, its ridiculous, I lost a limited edition console ( bricked within two days ) because of the ineptitude of Microsofts QA, being constantly reminded how lesser I am valued because I dont go GOLD ( hate MP ) and now this ?

What exactly did I pay for here ? I mean am I out of line to ask such questions ? am I being unreasonable here ? People im sure will attack me,call me a whiner, fine but you cannot deny the lack of basic options is amateur at best.


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I think you're overreacting a bit...

I think there are some valid points raised. The controller vibration seems to a concern for a few (Im not sure why), but yea.... give the option to shut it off....

If you expect something,it's always better to get all the informations or/and all your questions answered before buying something....Less bad surprises,less disapointement....

The Elite controller will allow you to calibrate vibrations the way you want....So far,the only answer.

i was kind of lucky because ages ago i bought rechargeable batteries and and a quick charger (charges batteries in 15 mins) which as been a god send the rate it goes through them

mind you the PS4 internal batterydoes not last long either probs why it has built in rechargeable battery

which mind seem a good idea but problem with that is when the internal battery wears out (all batterys can only be recharged a limited amount of times) you have to replace the whole controller rather than just a battery pack which is cheaper ...

disabling the vibro feature would help save battery life or if you just dont want to use it ...

Why not buy two sets of rechargeable batteries? That way you always have one spare and ready to go. Personally I just buy a 20 pack of AA batteries from my local dollar store and use them, lasts me ages.

The vibration made me have to disable it permanently as it made my hand cramping worse. I know modding is against the ToU but that wouldn't get me banned, would it?

might be worth a mention they make heavy duty recharageable AA batterys for digital Camara's with flash they would be ideal for long life rechargeable batterys

i got a cheap set of 2300mAH  batterys so 2 of them gives the controller a total of 4600mAH to drain from

the higher the mAH of a battery the longer they will last but as with everything the higher the price ..

oh yea better add if you go for high mAH rechargeable batterys then i strong advise a good quality fast charger otherwise you may be waiting over 12-16 hours for batterys to recharge.

although i would not advise buying it just for your xbox one because you might not think the intal cost is worth it.

i had a few things that required there use long before i got an xbox one, so like i say i was lucky i already had them so i had no extra cost to start with as such ..

I appreciate you guys being civil. GG, I dont think I am over -reacting at all. I guess I can try the rechargeable battery thing but that doesnt address the meat of this issue.

I never did like the fact that controller vibration wasn't done like on the 360. The ability to disable it should be a global setting on the console. I haven't had a 'standard' <a.k.a. 'non rechargeable' battery in a controller since the OG Xbox. rechargeable batteries are the only way to go IMO.

On the rechargeable aspect.

i got a cheap set of 2300mAH  batterys so 2 of them gives the controller a total of 4600mAH to drain from

@SteveV. Just as a FYI, 2 2300mah batteries won't give you 4600mah, unless they're in parallel. I highly doubt that is the case with the controller.

It's more likely the controller requires a 3v source. Therefore, the 2 AA batteries need to be in series to get the required 3v. Voltage sources in series add voltage, but not capacity. Voltage sources in parallel add capacity, but not voltage.

BTW, don't take that as a shot at you or anything. You don't strike me as the type that would anyways. It just happens to be a subject I have some knowledge on... not to mention one that can, and often does, easily cause confusion.

It is strange that they didn't put an option to turn vibration off. I would prefer to turn it off as well.l