The Kinect microphone.

I think it would be much better giving the Kinect voice commands through the Xbox one headset. 


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If I want to pause a movie, what should I do:

A: "Xbox, Pause" (2 secs)

B: Switch on Controller, Find Headset, Plug in Headset, "Xbox, Pause" (15+ secs)

That is just a monumentally stupid idea.

this guy is new and I am starting to think he is a troll...

This would also cause massive complications with the party chat, constantly cutting between commands and speaking to your friends. I would say that I'd like to be given the option but I only wear a headset if I speak to friends so that's pointless too.

Sausage.. want to know why the plug on the headset has a HUGE mute feature.... easier to click it with your thumb... use kinect commands and click it again to un-mute yourself...

any who...

Your idea is still not a good one....

What if you have a choice to use both the Kinect microphone and the headset.

might work as a option in SmartGlass, if the volume is too high for the Kinect to hear you or something like that, could be an alternative to using the Kinect.

I understand the mute feature, I've been using it for long enough... What I meant was, if you were to use voice commands through the headset then you wouldn't have that option anymore.  Everyone else would have to listen to you yelling voice commands and you'd have to be even more careful about what you say in your chats to avoid accidentally triggering the commands.

So i have see a tv commander for the xbox one, its easy because you didnt talk to kinect or take the controller with you. Its the best way to watch videos or films on xbox one.

Greetings raimers

OK the issue ticket... the headset does not have the capabilities to understand what you are saying...all it does is produce sound and pass it along as a electronic signal.. now what the kinect does is totally different... it collects the sounds... translates them into electronic pulses...which then converts them to operations and commands that are then sent to the XB1 that receives and acts on those commands... if you want to use the mic for voice commands... just tape the kinect to the side of your face   :)  be warned tho.. all those processors... it does get a little bit hot....

Why would you yell voice commands?

I have never yelled at my kinect and it always worked fine.

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