The Grey Haired Gamers

Grey Haired Gamers - For the casual and older gamer !

Experience a more relaxed and refined way of gaming and become a member of the Grey Haired Gamers' establishment, where easy going, laid back older gamers can find a great bunch of like minded player's who game for fun, laughter and don't take it too seriously...

We have players from 30 to 75 years old and play a variety of games from BFBC2 to the Halos, Forza 3 to Dirt 3 and all of those other greats inbetween!

We've been lucky enough to establish a great network of friends from other similar forums with arranged "friendlies" taking place! There's also been a resurgence of "Achievement" nights where smaller groups take on the games to get some of the multiplayer achievements - for everyone's benefit of course!

So if this sounds like your sort of place, feel free to come and register and take a look around! Alternatively, drop a post in here or pm me and i'll do my best to answer all of your questions!

Hope to see you around soon.


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Are you guy still active and also would you let a female gamer join your community

Are you guys still active ?

Any destiny players looking for a fire team should give these guys a look .

Hello guardian's , if you are looking for fellow aged players 35+ yrs old , ( we don't do kids , thanks ) who are almost ready for the VoG and want to experience the Raid in a non pressured ambience where the journey is more important than the rewards , drop into the forum and join in on the mature banter , ta me old duck ;)

Have you encountered any dyed hair imposters?

Some of the best people I have had the pleasure to game with.

Hi Fellow Gamers ;) now that the Next-Gen Gaming era is nearing it's first Birthday, were you thinking, I love gaming,but would really like to find some gaming buddies,who are more mature, and up for a laugh, and yes, a bit of friendly Banter, ( I mean we all want to win sometimes don't we ;) ).

Well why don't you pop over and have a look at our website

We don't care whether anyone is any good or not, as long as you can hold a controller, and are up for a laugh, then this might be the place for you. We still have some xbox 360 nights as well, with old favourites such as , GEARS , BATTLEFIELD 3, MASS EFFECT 3 . Etc

Of course there are quite a few of us ,who are now embracing the New Gen, so nights with COD, BF4, Titanfall, Forza 5 , are already being done, but with the likes of Destiny, Forza Horizons 2 , FIFA 15, and others incoming , I think this next 12 months is going to be a great time for us Gamers. :)

So if your looking for some senile old blokes to have a bit of a laugh with, whilst playing your favourite games ,PLEASE check us out. :)

Updated forum now live!

Link here! [url][/url]

Hey there Fellow Gamers, ;)

If you still haven't checked us out ,, or just forgot due to....not being able to remember How to turn that Computer thingy ON.

I thought I'd post the all important Link again,

We have some gaming nights coming up, with more to be added, :)

There's a  Mass Effect 3 MP night(360) and coming soon. Titanfall and Battlefield 4 on XB1

so Go on have a look at us NOW .  because by  tomorrow you will probably have Forgotten ;)

Titanfall has landed an we've got a good few members playing - come join us!

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