The Future Of Video Games?


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This is very interesting it will work well for games like CoD, Battlefield and Fallout . Microsoft and sony's next consoles will have be very powerfull for it to work well.

If this is the thing about all dem atoms then you'll notice in the video that you don't see anything being animated. Basically, getting this to work on PS4 or otherwise would be like getting Crysis 2 working on a Gameboy

Are you sure this is for real? Grate if it is but that guys voice sounded a bit hammy.

Why, if you are trying to champion your companies new technology, would you pick some horribly smug, snidey little tosser who has the most snotty, irritating voice on the planet and less charm and charisma than the lovechild of Adrian Chiles and Jeremy Clarkson.


All that video did was make me want to kick their atoms straight in the balls.

Nothing wrong with Jeremy Clarkson....hes the Jesus of Car Shows!

Permission to be skeptical about anyone who even thinks the word 'unlimited'?

The potential is there , like the guy says now they need to present this to a game dev or a consortium made up of all the major players to see if this tech can be utilised in gaming , the time WILL come when we see Avatar ( the film) ultra real style of graphics in games just not in the next couple of years .

Just take it how it comes guys....