The Ending of LA Noire (Major Spoilers)

Once again, for those that missed it in the title. MAJOR SPOILERS are abound, if you've not completed the game don't read this.

So I just finished LA Noire after hearing a lof of people saying the ending was awful and abrupt. I personally thought it was fantastic once I got my head around it. Have I interpreted it differently from everyone else, or are people dissapointed it wasn't the fairy tale ending we were all expecting?

People are saying the ending is sudden - Of course it was, Phelps dies out of the blue. That puts the brakes on the story quite fast.But, the way he died in my eyes was great. Sacrificing himself because of his mistakes in the war, and his guilt.

A lot of the major players get away. The Chief of Police, Ray and the DA all escape the wrath of the law coming down on them. With the death of Phelps and Ira, there is no case to build against them. We have to assume the freeway gets built, and they all get paid. Are people unhappy that for once, the criminals get paid, and get away?

Phelps trying to be a good leader in the army and following orders ruins Ira's life. He pays for it at the time by getting shot (if anyone can give me the name of the guy who shoots him I'd love to know, I couldn't place his face fast enough), but at the end of the story we find out that his mistakes ruined Ira's life and consequently a lot of people die because of it in the arson fires. Only Monroe and Harlan get their comeuppance for the "bad guys", where as every solider from the war dies with the exception of Kelso.

I thought it was a great example of the good guys not coming out on top.  As I said before, out of the 10 or so good guys only one survives. Where as the crooks get paid and run off into the sunset, whilst at the same time the people of LA think they are the heroes. This doesn't happen enough in video games, and for me the shock of it made it a great little ending.

I guess the moral of the story, much like real life, is that the good guys hardly win.

How did you guys feel about the ending? How did you interpret it?


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Just finished it myself a couple of days ago & i agree with you the ending was perfect if you watch most Noir films end in a similar way thought the game was fantastic.

It was ok.

I liked it. Was very abrupt though, but ok that the good guys didn't win because it was more fitting that Cole lost his life. It's more realistic and suits Cole's character and history well.

I too thought it was a great ending and honestly didn't see that ending coming, I thought that Jack was going to die at the end with the old army flamethrower guy.

The guy who shot Phelps during the cut scene was Courtney Sheldon by the way.

The ending caught me by suprise because I wasn't expecting it again so soon after RDR (I no this is a  Team Bondi game not Rockstar) but you no what I mean. I wouldnt mind being able to try to take down the bad guys who got away in future DLC playing as the insurance investigator.

A fantastic story and completely what the Noire genre is, reminded me of Saturday Avo's when i was a kid watching black and white movies, class!   Wouldnt agree with the assesment of Phelps being a good guy in the war though, and following orders, he couldnt hack it and made bad judgement calls, shouldnt have been in a position of command and the whole squad new it, Which is why the story of Noire is essentially Phelps redemption story.  Class best game of the year so far.   New DLC next Tuesday Wooop WOOOP

Great ending imho and i hope we get some decent dlc with Kelso taking the lead instead of the 2 single cases we have been promised so far.

Great ending, although it reminds me alot of RDR. Why rockstar have to kill off all the main characters is beyond me lol.

Regarding the guy who shot phelps during ww2, I thought it was the corpsman though not remembering his name! ending was good imo, and leaves the door open for more of the story to unfold in a possible sequel! lets hope.

I don't think Phelps is actually dead. i think its all a bit of a coverup.

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