the dvr

i have no clue if i put this in the right place or not, but me wanting to start a career on youtube and no having alot of money as some people i say they should add more time to the game dvr. they would give them a little boost next to the new games coming out and backwards compatibility. 


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if you want a career on youtube.. invest in a good PC and get a good capture card and leave the XB1 DVR out of it...

Also if those are your career goals in life.. may I suggest try something else...  Millions of people broadcast and stream...

I'd say if you're on a budget and are only going for voice over commentary go ahead but if you want something higher quality go to PC. Or you can stream on the Twitch app and post streams on YouTube.

Get a PVR. Xbox 1's DVR thingy is only like a very basic PVR. It has or use to have 5 minute limit videos, it didn't record game music or in particular game/party chat.

I got a Hauppauge HD PVR2 about 24 months ago. Sharing Xbox stuff on YouTube is highly popular. I even got some friends involved in some of my videos, and I have several favourite Youtubers who I like. One of them is Australian he does Real Life Mincraft Videos. The other is a kwl British dude who does Halo/Minecraft and other game videos. But I never monetize my videos. Many do it purely for fun. Others will try to make money by monetize. Just be careful to a lot of games have copyrighted music in it and several owners can be real strict. Some will block your video worldwide and that will result in a Strike (You are only allowed 2 or 3 strikes before your channel and everything from it including videos gets permanently deleted). Other copyright owners will block your content in 1 or some countries or mute your video or monetize it by running ads. Some games even have copyrighted cutscenes too. And if you go monetizing videos with any copyrighted material you could get warnings or worse from them. But if you do personal videos where you film yourself or holiday videos with no copyrighted content and make money off that, that seems fine.

My PVR cost me a little over NZ$200. You can also record PC content on it and hook it up to my Xbox 360/Xbox 1 console to record stuff. There's no like 5 minute or 30 minute or 60 minute caps on videos with it. It records game/party chat. My PC has 8GB RAM and an intel core i5-6200u processor (Windows 10 64-bit). If you get a capture card, hardware specs you only need a PC which can play The Sims 4 to use any PVR. Another known bran is Elgato or something like that. I decided to comment on here cuz I'm a Youtuber myself. As for Twitch I barely use it. And if you want to make a career out of it, you have to be popular like at least a get a couple thousand views on all your videos and have like 100,000+ subscribers or something like that.

I use Microsoft Movie Maker to edit videos. Sony Vegas software will cost you an arm and leg figuratively speaking they easily range around more than the price of a PS4 or Xbox One sold at maximum RRP. Sony Vegas offers Picture in Picture video editing software I won't explain what that is here but I know Corrupt Carnage a Youtuber users it. I actually got picture in picture software at the start of this year it's called CyberLink PowerDirect 14 they were doing a 70% Valentines Day sell on it so I was really lucky I paid only US to NZ currency conversion NZ$80 instead of NZ$400 or something like that, for the software. That was a really good sale.

But don't rely on the DVR. It's very basic, it isn't always reliable. But it's a good added feature where you can share quick content without the need to buy a PVR. Usually young people will get jobs or have rich parents or save up pocket money to see the amount of young people with PVR's sharing Xbox game videos on YouTube. Several of them may even be under 13 which I think is the recommended age by YouTube to start posting.

Also another piece of advise, have fast internet with no monthly data caps. Get unlimited data plan. Because sharing HD videos in even 720p or 1080p does consume a lot of usage. Also don't have ADSL Broadband internet. ADSL is TOO SLOW for uploading videos. ADSL's upload speed only averages 0.9mb/sec upload speed or around that. High speed cable or maybe VDSL or definitely Fibre Broadband internet are good high speed options. Something with like 10mb/sec upload speed bare minimal 5mb/sec upload speed. Anything less and when you try to upload videos at slow speeds your connection could time out or end up with something like failed to process video. If you have 10mb/s upload speed, you can copy and paste your videos directly onto youtube's upload website without requiring supportive youtube upload software.

Hope this helps.

What some people do I've noticed is point their phone/camcorder/camera at the TV and press the record button. That's kind of cheap and unprofessional too compared to using a PVR. But if they're young or on a budget I'd understand. One of my Xbox friends does it. In NZ there is no statutory minimum wage if you're under 16 but you could still like deliver circulars and earn money off that, and most retail stores in my country won't hire you if you're under 15/16. Or you could look after a friend/neighbours pets or band together with friends and do car washes to earn some money.

Tips for looking for a career in YouTube maybe would be have 1: have a good PC at least 4GB RAM preferably 8GB RAM and good graphics card Intel HD 520 or Intel HD 4000 would be good enough. A PVR Hauppauge HD PVR2 or Elgato as they're like the top PVR's. And a good ISP with unlimited monthly data usage and 10mb/sec upload speed. Because uploading at ADSL 0.9mb/s upload speed is like uploading at dial up speed since ADSL is about 20x faster than dial up speed with the download department ADSL is about 7-18mb/s download, ADSL STRUGGLES in the UPLOAD DEPARTMENT. And also you have to be like popular as I mentioned in my previous post.

Just be careful of what you say and show too. I think everyone has to when online especially me at times. There was this video by bogyman a big YouTube how he mentions many disband from YouTube and social media because some or a lot of people didn't agree about what they posted, it gets to them personally, and sometimes it makes you cry and curl up in a corner. I know sometimes some older people on here don't agree in some things I post. But usually you should have some supporters still to encourage you.

Work with what you have, if you find yourself wanting to progress find a way to get better gear, but don't start with all the good stuff that isn't needed, you can do loads with the current system all you need is to use it well.