The Darkness II - Hands on

Just returned from a press event in London held by 2k for The Darkness II video game, due out 7th October arranged by the Podcast Team at IGN UK.


Got to play the opening moments of the game, which is set two years following the original game, with Jackie Estacado now runnng his own crime family, and also has suppressed the Darkness power within himself, but there is a Ancent old Society known as the "Brotherhood" whose task is to battle and destory the Darkness energy from those whom it has taken over.


The Visuals of the game, as 2K describes it is, "Graphic Novel Noire"....cell shaded to the rest of us. The look works really well in the darker setting of the game with cut scenes blending with in game action fluidly. The game follows on from the action in the original game, with the use of standard weapons as well as the demonic " Darkness tentacles" which you control with the left and right bumpers, left is grab and the right with RB held down and using the Right Analogue stick acts like a demonic whip...using combinations of all methods of attack leads to great little execution combos which as a superb level of gore which fits in with the style of the game. The Environment can also be used to inflict more pain on your enemies to great effect so you will always have multiple ways of dispatching your attackers.


The Game will be single player only, no multiplayer....which for those who remember the original game, will know that its MP was broken and unplayable and most people avoided it anyway as the SP was good enough, the sequel is of the same mold...the story looks as though it will be gripping and doesnt shy away from its more grown up setting, and keeps a good balance never taking the gore too far and not making the little comedy elements too corny or lame. It was a refreshing hands on to a game considering how poor 2011 has been for games so far.


All in all was a fantastic event, free food which was as cold as the free beer and drinks provided all during the event, the people at 2k were gracious and friendly and very approachable to us "norms" and took our comments and feedback and gave us a great parting gift of a presentation tin case containing a comic book with a prequel story to the game, a styled Darkness II 2gb USB key and a gorgeous Zippo Darkness II styled Lighter


This is a must buy for fans of the original game but also for those picking up the game story for the first time, looks to have a rich and deep SP gaming Experience


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I'm still a little concerned mainly as its a different developer to the last one and though it sounds like they havn't messed too much with the formula I'm still worried they might. Also the Brotherhood ?? I thought they might throw in the Angelus this time

The Game has been tweaked but not enough so that you dont recognize the original game. The decision to make it SP only shows they wanted to concentrate on the SP experience which is a good thing and a brave thing with the current fad of just sticking MP on a title.

The Story looks like it will be a real treat, from just what we plyed yesterday which sets the game up and introduces the main characters....we were told that there is alot more then just the obvious going on, and you do get the feeling that it reaches out more then just Jackie and the men from the Brotherhood. The Action was spot on, and the physics and playability when you finally get to use the Darkness powers will make this a fun title to play with

Hoping this will make the massive disappointment that was FEAR3 a bit easier to forget.

Loved the first game so let's hope it's a winner.