The chime noises on my new XBox have stopped

Hiya guys

the little chime noises on my Xbox when you turn it on or off or when you open & close the disc tray have stopped working Ive checked to see if they're still turned on & they are is this anything i should be worried about, has anyone else had this problem ?

thanks in advance for your replies.


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i remeber a thead where someone else said the ping noise on their xbox has stopped working.

In this case i think you need to phone support

You don't need to call support. It will be a complete waste of time. Just pull the plug and leave it for 30 secs. Plug back in and it should be back working. (Make sure to disconnect from power supply).

It has been known to happen, it may just be a "sound"...but it means that something has gone wrong with the console, give support a call, its a free number, and see what they recommend to you, but if something has gone wrong it could be a sign of things to come

thanks for the replies guys @ Undeadfire Zero tried what you said to no affect still no ping sounds but everything else is still working fine ?

wish mine would stop. they could have put an option to turn it off in there some where. going to be even worse with my MW3 console the noise that makes is horrible