The Buy Rent Avoid Forum Game

Ok so this is pretty simple you post 3 games which you would buy rent and avoid but you must give a reason for each choice, your choices dont have to be recent releases but do have to be Xbox360 titles. Oh and no fanboy comments on someones choices. This is abit of fun and hopefully liven this place up abit.

Ok ill start this of with


Buy: Red Dead Redemption

The reason for this is simple GTA set in the Wild West, cmon who dosnt love cowboys. Great visuals solid plot and a great cast of characters you will wont to learn more about as the story unfolds. The single player is great but online multiplayer is were the fun is at, Not to mention this game has the best DLC i have played on a 360 game.

Rent: LA Noire

Well again another great game but due to the lack of online multiplayer this game falls into the Rental choice. There dosnt seem to be too much of a story from what ive played and im half way through the game, but from what i can make out each case you solve fills in holes later on in the game. the later cases seem to Link up and form a bigger picture. That said the facial animations in the cut scenes are mind blowing and you could easily forget your playing a game. I know that this game would have ended up being 6 discs if they were to add Online features but the game is a solid single player experience to be named as a great rental

Avoid: Thor God of Thunder

what can i say about this game apart from its awful, the graphics are woeful and sometimes cut away faces mid cut scene. The gameplay is repetative, the story is lackluster and lets not forget the glitches. I couldnt even finish this game as it glitched on the last level so i kept runing out of time even though i passed all the objectives in time. Now i know Movie ties are nearly always terrible but this is easily the worst,Avoid this like the plague




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Buy: LA Noire.


Not as good as it could have been with bog standard action sequences and it can be pretty repetitive but i feel every gamer needs to spend some quality time playing this.


Rent: Brink


Great alternative to most fps' would be even better if they sorted the lag.


Avoid: Bulletstorm


Dont know what it is but i just dont like this game.

Buy: Dirt3. I haven't got it yet, but it looks like a no-brainer to me....possibly the best racer on the 360?

Rent: SHIFT2. This game surprised me with being half decent, but still I don't think it's worth buying as it has it's flaws.

Avoid: Test Drive Unlimited 2. Awful graphics, handling of cars which is neither arcade nor real and a HUGE list of bugs and glitchy problems. Came close with Homefront, but this wins it.

Snog: Shot By A Scot

Marry: Boas BS5

Avoid: WonderfulWest






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Avoid: WonderfulWest





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Buy: bulletstorm.

really enjoyed this game and the combos were fun.

rent: kinectimals

not worth the price but is fun and silly and tings....

avoid: dunno... i don't buy games unless i think i am going to enjoy them and haven't had any that i haven't recently...

Buy: Red Dead Redemption

It's such a massive game and will last your hours and hours, there's so many things to do and there's a fairly good multiplayer too.

Rent: Crackdown 2

Awesome co op game where you can F around, what more do you want?

Avoid: Dragon Age 2

Better than the first one but still seems like a game that should have been released in 2004

Buy - Dirt 3, Cant get enough of this game, even if your not a hardcore racing game fan this is so much fun, I don’t have the education to put into words how great this game is!


Rent - Brink, Fantastic game, loved every minute of it.... unfortunately there wasn't more than a weeks worth of minutes to reach the full 1000GS (Yes im a bit of a GS Tramp)


Avoid - Naughty Bear, just gone down my list and this is the last game i played that i was totally disappointed with, just a horrible mess of a game that i couldn't be bothered to play.



Its just absolute quality. Great handling, fresh locations, fantastic fun, beautiful graphics and diversity online too.



Another good game.....which can be completed in around 10 hours, but does offer replay value for the achievement hunters out there. I'm glad I experienced it, but my description would be a poor mans Prince of Persia (cel shaded).



It's just dogsh*t. 

Buy: Mass Effect 1/2 Great charachters and story, carved around what you do wth great locations and its funny top moments but with these games so many pages could be written.

Rent: Bulletstorm even though I really enjoyed every moment I played of the signle player for me felt that it didn't have enough bite to it for the price asking

Avoid: Thor: God Of Thunder I rented of LOVEFILM and was liek yeh give it a crack see what its like but its a chore to go back to play and I wanna finish it but my good seneses say no no!

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