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If you have watched this and were put off by the vacuous eye candy presenter who had no clue what she was talking about,  then good news!  She seems to have been given the boot,  the presenter is now a girl who has worked on a few video game programs and actually seems to know a bit about games.   This weeks episode had two really good segments on Tomb Raider and Defiance and was a definate improvement on previous episodes.   Next weeks is reporting from the gaming BAFTA's.   So if you had written it off as a bad job, give it another go you might be pleasantly surprised.    Challenge Channel Monday nights 11:00


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The new presenter is much better.Just get rid of the idiot that does the Top 5's then the show would be quite good.

Lucy James is a much better presenter and brings substance and credibility to the show, which it lacked when it first started and was the main reason it put me off watching.


Agreed, it needs to drop the "inside xbox" level crap and focus on doing great Game segments which it does well

Agreed, but it is encouraging that the producers of the show are obviously aware of its shortcomings and seem to be be working to address them.  

11:00pm oh no thats past my bed time.

She's more geeky looking which fits the role a lot better.

Her hair makes her head look a mad shape, but she's deffo better presenter. There was no retro attic on the last episode which I missed.