The Big Let Down That Is Kinect And Its Games

Anybody else really dissapointed with the lack of quality titles for Kinect ? I really thought that some decent games would have come out by now and if i'm really honest i feel let down, i was looking forward to Kinect and the future of gaming with this device but at the moment all the games that have come out have been the same.

Give or take one or two titles, i dont see anything original coming to Kinect and i feel i have wasted my money on it. Dont get me wrong, i do like playing on it but there is only The Gunstringer, Kinect Sports and Carnival that i keep going back to and once you have played these to death what can i go and play that is original ? Child of Eden, Motion sports and every other party title out there, its all the same.

The only future titles i am looking forward to is Star Wars, Ryse and maybe Kung Fu High Impact, i dont count the titles that use kinect like an add on i.e Mass effect 3 and Ghost Recon, Forza 4. Please, someone restore my faith in Kinect, reasure me that it is going to get better.


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Same here, I am disappointed. I thought MS would have supported Kinect more than they have, but they really haven't made any games I am interest in or thought they would bring out. I will be selling my Kinect soon enough.

I still think the technology behind the kinect is great but there has been much beyond party games and exercise titles.


You have to wonder that if the developers aren't wanting to support it because they don't want to spend the money if Kinect isn't going to be supported in the 360s successor.

MS probably released Kinect when they did just to grab their own slice of the Wii market and so they could get the patants and copyrights down on a device before someone else did it, the technology is clever but far from 100% perfect has its place in some homes, mostly with kids...but it was only ever going to be a gimmick

Haven't been interested in it at all.  I don't see any games that appeal to me on there.  I would rather get a Wii than buy Kinect anyway, because there are some great Nintendo titles i'd like to play.

Kinect is going down the same path as the Wii, its all party games, i love the fact that you dont have to hold a controller to play games but fitness games and party games dont cut it for me. whether or not MS went down the route to secure patants and copyright it would be a massive waste of time and money to create such tech for it to sit in warehouses unsold.

If i'm honest i kinda knew Kinect would have its limits for gameplay but i just expected a little bit more from developers. They all seem to be going for on rail shooters which isnt all bad but again, once you have played one, you have played them all. Lack of online multiplayer is also a concern. I'm no massive fanboy but i really wanted Kinect to succeed but i know its a numbers game and as long as money is being brought in the head honcho's will be happy. i just dont think Kinect is going to go any further than it has. just wished it turned out differently.

Kinect was and is aimed at the Xbox Family experience....hence the party and dancing games. You look at the demo of Star Wars Kinect at E3 and you can see why main developers are staying away from it, and which is why the game and the special editions of console and kinect were delayed. The Problem is that the technology isnt 100% for everyone all the time, so the gaming experience just isnt the same as a regular game. They may improve the system when the next Xbox is shown to the world, but it is what it is...a gimmick

i've had a Wii but again due to lazy developers there was no real gamer games for it. Wii could of done so much more but they only seemed to aim the software for young children forgetting about the older gamer. now nintendo have gone down the route of making an add on (Wii U) instead of improving on a machine that had so much potential but had alot missing from it.

I'm all for the family experience and i agree it is a gimmick but for all the money invested in it didnt you expect just that little bit more ? I'm not against all these dance games and such but i do feel they are letting the gamers who invested in Kinect down. like i said it's a numbers and money game these days and perhaps i got sucked into the hype but i think any new tech that comes out in the future maybe a case of wait and see. Give it a year and look at reviews for it then.

Duno I really enjoy it and the next Ghost Recon look great with Kinect

It's nice to see Microsoft doing something new, even if that something isn't aimed 100% at me and the games I want.


Hasn't stopped me receiving games like "Forza", "Dead Island", "Space Marines", "Gears III" and "Skyrim" so I'm not going to moan about MS expanding it's player base.



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