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What's with the Beacon telling me certain friends want to play certain games when they are not even playing it.  Also when one of my friends comes on-line, the Beacon tells me he wants to play RED DEAD REDEMPTION when none of us are playing it.  A minute ago when I loaded GTA IV, I got a Beacon alert saying one on my friends wants to play GTA IV when he's playing SKYRIM.  How can he want to play GTA IV when he's playing SKYRIM and how can my other friend want to play RED DEAD REDEMPTION when he's on his Dashboard at the time?  This Beacon is broken and is giving us false information.  Also, when friends set a Beacon that I don't set, I'm still being informed of what they are playing so I have to put up with loads of Beacons appearing.  I chose not to set too many Beacons to avoid being alerted nearly every five minutes or so and that's happening anyway. 


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The beacons are set by others when they are playing the game.  If they do not turn the beacon off when they are done then they will just continue notifying others when they log on.

You can turn notifications completely off by pressing the guide button and scrolling all the way to the right and selecting Preferences.

I don't know, who thought about the Beacons Concept... But, I just send invites to friends, that are playing the game & forget about the Beacons etc...

Surprise, surprise, Microsoft adds another useless feature to the Xbox. I haven't used the beacon feature and probably never will, none of my friends use it either.

Beacons are useless, i have one set up for battlefield 2 modern combat just because no one plays it and its the best game ever... to bad the 360 version sucked.

They really should have them reset everytime you turn your console off.