The antidote to HD remakes is coming

OK I never thought I'd be making a thread like this but here goes.

Leisure suit Larry 1 is getting the HD remake treatment.

And after Larry the lets just say slimeball like collage kid and Larry the Worker at the porn studio where they managed to remove any kind of porn the original guy behind the leisure suit larry games has been brought back onboard to the series to do a HD remake of the first ever game.

Here hoping for a HD remake that actually just ripps the hell out of all these HD remakes we keep getting.


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Team Ico collection proves HD remakes can wok.....well that being said both games are pretty much works of art so maybe it's unfair to use them as a example of what is a so so trend.

Leisure Suit Larry in a HD suit, eh?

Not bad, but typing commands with a joypad would be a nightmare. I'm guessing they must be using the simple point & click feature that was used in the other remake of the first LSL game.

This is going to be an arcade game only, right?

Wait, the original one I remember playing as a kid on the pc? Side stroller with player input using the keyboard?

The only LSL I have played was Magna *** Laude, if this remake is anything like it then it will be a laugh!

i´ve played this on my Atari...Like the original look EGA 16 Colors...yeah...I don´t liked the VGA Remake...

It´s good for the younger ones to play a great Adventure from Sierra, for myself i don t need this.

Will grab the Original from the shelf and put it into my Atari..*sighing*

The Amiga and the ST Versions had 32 colours, if I remember rightly. PC EGA was uuggh!

No , the atari can only handle 16 Colours , Graphics were the same as the PC EGA, not sure about the Amiga version