Thanks Microsoft for ripping off UK customers.

Checking prices for download games on US live compared with prices on UK live shows M$ are ripping us off.

Example Crackdown 2 ... US 29.99 USD ... UK 29.99 GBP.

Converting for exchange rate 1 GBP = 1.64 USD at the moment ... it should be 18.24 GBP. 

Even if the US price is displayed with no sales tax which I doubt ... adding 25% VAT to 18.24 should only give 22.80 GBP.

Ok not everything is that bad ... and we're in the UK so we're used to being ripped off ... a bit ... but this is OTT and the excuses we're normally given like higher shipping costs would be BS here because this is an online download.


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You could always buy the disc for less than a fiver.

Well, I'd suggest to not buy it from Games on Demand then.

I wouldn't be so upset....Why would someone ever ever buy a game on demand??? There way over priced. You can buy Crackdown 2 from GameStop for 10 bucks....

I know there are other ways for Crackdown 2. That was just an example.

It's the principle.

[quote user="Harry Nezumi"]I know there are other ways for Crackdown 2. That was just an example.[/quote]

There are other ways to buy every game ,and you will always find G.O.D the most expensive way,no matter where you live.

MS isnt the one who put the prices on the Games on Demands (unless they are made by MS studios)

When will people stop to convert from USD to Euro or GBP?

It makes NO sense.

You live in the UK…

to get 29.99GBP you probably have to work the same amount of time someone in the US works to get 29.99USD.

Do you also complain about yen?

You would pay 5068.75 yen.

You still wanna complain? lol

@HaloJolly - Your logic is slightly flawed there, how would two people with different salaries have to work the exact same time to earn the exact same wage? Anyway OP, I understand that its a hell of a lot easier to purchase games digitally but the prices on there will ALWAYS be expensive, there is nothing anybody can do about it. Realistically, as a game ages the price should naturally go down (Both in stores AND on the Xbox Marketplace) but it doesn't seem to work that way. I know what you're saying, just nothing any of us can do about it.