Thanks for this console, MS

In spite of some minor gripes I have and which I have already vented in this forum (maybe a bit too emotionally and unfairly  in the heat of the monent) I am very happy with the console. It has great exclusives already and more will come in 2014, and that's what counts. What could be improved is DVD/BluRay playback and maybe some more indie games in the future but other than that, no reason to complain. I'm also happy with Xbox support which replaced my defective comsole with no hassle. Thanks MS!


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You already have a failed console and you are thanking them?  Seriously?  It is obvious that the console was rushed to market because they didn't want to give PS4 a lead, which is what really hurt Sony last gen.  Granted, there's alot of potential in the long term, and i'm hopeful for the future, but seriously there are way too many bugs and obvious poor decisions made by MS for us to be thanking them at this point.

Yeah I think the sooner people get over the comparisons and just enjoy the systems the better. Xbox has a heap of great content coming and will continue to improve the system.

If you continue to compare one product against another you'll never be happy and I don't know why anyone would want to be unhappy??

I am thanking them because I didn't even have to leave the house to have it fixed and because they did it quickly. I am sure they have a lot up their sleeve for 2014 so don't underestimate them.

I have already made the mistake of unfavourably comparing it with the other big next gen console of the market, but we haven't seen anything yet, the console has just been out for two months. I'm sure this year will be great for the XB1.

Here's the spirit we need