Thanks for spoiling Christmas...

Normally I wouldn't vent but it's Christmas Dy and my 4 year old son is upset because he can't play the only thing he asked for for Christmas: Skylanders Swap Force.  Basically the Xbox One I bought has a faulty disc drive and won't read any discs.  So as well as this my 2 year old daughter can't watch the BluRay we bought her.  I've been an Xbox owner for almost ten years.  A Gold Live member for 7 years.  I've put up with the red ring of death on 2 360s and now this?  To say I'm completely gutted is an understatement.

And to add salt to the wound I can't order a replacement because the Xbox website says "Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time."

And no, I don't want a free game: I want my two children's Christmas to be as we planned.

Thank you Microsoft for effectively spoiling Christmas.

Sorry, rant over.


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Least you will get free game for your trouble if you get ms to replace it instead of place you bought it from.

I know - it's not really going to make up for today but it's better than nothing I suppose.

A free game in a week or longer doesn't save Christmas.  MS is going to make a lot of kids sad today.  A few will be happy but some kids will be very, very sad.  Reminds me of my broken Green Machine bike from Santa when I was 5 years old.  All I remember is that I was crying as my dad fumbled helplessly in vain to repair it.

Yeah - I don't normally rant like this because I know companies like MS won't do anything other than a token it's just you try telling a 4 year old whose been looking forward to today for weeks that he cant play his Christmas present.

Unfortunately there's always going to be the odd faulty unit, it's unfortunate it was you in this instance, but do try to understand that no company goes out of their way to ruin anybody's Christmas intentionally.

I'm also not really surprised that you can't get anything sorted with them today, even they're allowed a day off to enjoy Christmas with their loved ones.

Should have opened it and tested it before wrapping it. You would have discovered the fault earlier. Perhaps something to take into consideration when buying electronics as gifts in the future. That's not to pass blame, but as a friendly piece of advice. Is the first thing I do with any electronic gift (including my daughters Keyboard and my Mothers Sewing Machine).

Hope you get it sorted, Microsoft have generally been quite good at sorting out quick replacements so I have no doubt you will in due time.

Can always download Killer Instinct in the mean time. It's free to play so will at least give you something to do until you get it all sorted.

Damn those ogres! Went ahead and deliberately spoiled Christmas for two little kids; when all dad did was trust Microsoft entirely to make his family happy.


See what you've done, Microsoft? Being a family and being together, on this special day, means nothing when you wilfully destroy a child's wishes and dreams. Your consumer item has failed and you've been derelict in your sworn duty to make these children's lives complete. Something that dad could not have done without you!


For shame!

Totally agree unreal. I would have plugged that puppy in well before Xmas day. If anything to get the day one update out if the way and secondly to test that it's not broken. Bit of bad luck, but yeah, NS didn't plan to spoil Xmas.

I know Endgamez, it's not the right attitude.  But as I say I just wanted to vent is all.

I actually did unbox it and test it and ran the update but didn't have any games or BluRays to test the drive.  It's just the way it went!

That's terrible dude sorry to hear about the issues, I know its little consolation but you are in the minority with this issue still that's of little help. The only stop gap I can think of is buying a direct download game although I'm pretty sure skylanders isnt available as digital.

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